Monday, 30 August 2010

Goodbye August

Did you think I've deserted you?  Life has been too hectic to think about blogging but as I'm having a relaxing Bank Holiday Monday at home, it's time for a catch up.

August has been head has been full of our pending office closure and my pending redundancy, looking for a job in London (& failing dismally), combined with more fun stuff than usual.  This summer has been fantastic.  The coming weeks are going to be even more manic and I may just combust!

So....where did I leave you last time?  My lovely dream flat in London I think.  Since then, I had a visiting Mother & her friend.  We went to Pride.  I wasn't overly impressed this year - it was ok I guess but the theme (Pride & Prejudice) meant there just wasn't enough dressing up.  I always love to see the emergency services start the parade off (brings a tear to my eye it does) and obviously Michael Jackson loving jazz hands man.

The next week brought a spur of the moment decision to go to Vintage at Goodwood (nice one Sam!).  Goodwood has won best day out of the year so far and despite the rain, I loved it.  Not totally sure about the northern soul lessons but they were harmless!  Also not sure about the Radiohead mix in the Soul Casino but I'll even let that dj off....but just this once.  Plenty of beautiful people in beautiful clothes.  Highlights of the day - the Soul Casino, unexpected lovely toilets, and that guinness & chocolate cake!

Bored yet?  Last week was The Chords up in London.  I used to love The Chords (and probably always will....on vinyl) but, although they played well, I just couldn't get into it.  Very male-heavy crowd and a bit of a weird atmosphere.....or maybe I imagined it.  I left after "British way of Life" and caught the VERY SLOW, VERY DRUNK late train back to Brighton.

....which brings us up to this weekend.  Bank Holiday weekend in Brighton is a weekend I look forward to all year.  A chance to see people I only see occasionally, a chance to put a dress or two on (not at once), and a chance to be around well-dressed folk.  I always get nostalgic for my Lambretta, Sneakers in the 80s, Hayling Island weekends away and all that jazz.  I think next year calls for getting away a bit more on bank holidays.  I may even invest in a little tartan suitcase & duffel bag like I once had.....just for old times sake!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Going back to my roots

The urge to get back to North London is growing by the day.  Who'd have thought it?  I just have the tricky job of finding gainful employment now - a minor hitch in my plans!

Yesterday I took the 134 bus along a route which I'd taken many hundreds of times before - but not for at least 10 years.  For any bus geeks out there who might happen to read this, the 134 starts at Tottenham Court Road and finishes up in Finchley (I think).  This was a route that went past my old flats and into Camden so a pretty important bus all round.

There was a reason for me taking the bus - I wanted to suss out areas that I hadn't visited for a long time, areas I may or may not want to live in again.  I'd been considering Kentish Town and upwards towards Highgate but have re-thunk!  Neither Kentish Town nor Tufnell Park did it for me yesterday.  Tufnell Park was great to live in for a while after moving to London from the sticks but I've grown up & want somewhere a bit more "me".  My little studio flat in Tufnell Park saw a lot of people come & go - mainly the likes of Tina & Dawn who stayed pretty much every weekend.  It also saw boys come and go - great ones, swedish ones, and other ones.  It did the job for a while but then I wanted bigger & better - I'm talking about the flat here by the way!

Highgate felt positively posh compared to Fortess Road....well it is I guess.  I moved into a flat that was pretty darn lovely, apart from the odd old furniture that the landlord insisted I kept and the fact I had to share a bathroom, but it was lovely nevertheless.

I'm rambling again. Anyway, it's a no to Kentish Town & Tufnell Park, a vague possibility if it was great as far as Archway is concerned, but a definite yes to Highgate or Muswell Hill.  My wishlist is topped however by Crouch End.  Lee was a great font of local knowledge yesterday and told me lots about public transport etc.  which, although boring to anyone else, is a necessity to me.  I need to know I can get places.  So Crouch End it will hopefully be.  Crouch End with it's lovely little cafe's, boutiques, delis and interesting little shops.  I know EXACTLY where I want to live but that'll be dependent upon the job and availability at the time.

Now...if anyone could just find me the job that I need to help me achieve this new found dream.....I'll love you forever.