Sunday, 9 February 2014

A blog post full of nothing in particular.....

It's been a very quiet month but I don't want to let my blog disappear into the ether so here a few paragraphs about what's been going on (or hasn't).

Dear Catastrophe Waitress continues into 2014. We pulled in quite a crowd at the beginning of January....or rather Darren did as it was his birthday (which always helps!).  We're back next Friday but at a different venue this time.  After all the good reviews, we went to visit the Earl Haig Hall and what a lovely venue it is.  The Earl Haig is, what I would describe as, a revamped Working Mens' Club (slightly reminiscent of the Pop Klubb venue up in Newcastle).  They've already had lots of interesting nights on there since their opening back in November and we've been lucky enough to get the Valentines Night slot.  The poster for our "Anti-Valentines Night Affair" is below and if anyone could come dressed like that, it would amuse me greatly!

Luckily there are no tube strikes planned for next Friday as what a pain in the posterior this weeks has been.  My favourite tweet regarding the over-crowded bus was "So packed on this bus that I fear someone may become pregnant".  Yep, that was about the extent of it.  I attempted to get from Crouch End to Brixton in one piece but failed dismally.  Well done to all of you that managed to survive the (what seemed like pretty standard) 4 hour journeys. My love for London buses declined somewhat this week.  (The photo below is my nearest tube station, which I luckily avoided).

To the "50 Years of The Who" private view at Proud Camden on Wednesday (thankfully a bus ride or two away, with no tubes involved).  If I were rich, I'd have taken a fair few of the prints home with me there and then, but I'm not so I didn't.  Always interesting to see who might turn up at these private views - this time it was Dave Davies, who seemed a friendly type, and didn't complain that everyone in Proud wanted a photo taken with him.

To make up for the enforced "staying in January", Friday was a night out at Bar Solo (Mint & Caramel Martinis, Espresso Martinis and Pina Coladas - oh yes) followed by Chris Sullivan's regular night "The Swag" at Camden Record Club.  Sadly my temporary membership expires soon but I might speak nicely to them and see if it can be extended as I love Record Club!  The venue is great, the staff are even greater, and it's a nice place to be.

With that, I will love you & leave you as I'm sure there's some fascinating Sunday programme on somewhere on Freeview, which involves Customs & Excise, police chases or obese people.

Cath x