Sunday, 30 October 2011

For Jonnah.....

My blog posts are usually about is a bit different.

3 years ago today, my friend Jonnah took her own life so this is for her.

I hadn't known Jonnah long.  I was living in Stockholm, running a weekly club called "Another Sunny
Day" in a godforsaken turkish restaurant on a Monday night.  Jonnah came to nearly every club night.
I noticed her straight away as she was a little 60s girl who wore the best outfits!  Before I knew her name, I called her the "lovely lady with the lovely dresses" in my Facebook album.  I got to know her & her boyfriend Charley from that club....they kept me company on the door and their lovely little indiepop band "The Mare" played for me.  I remember that night particularly as one of the band members had to leave the club before they even played as his girlfriend went into labour.  Priorities and all that!

I moved back to Brighton and kept in touch with Jonnah via email.  We'd talked about them coming
to the Brighton mod rally the following August and she was already excited about it.  Then, one day,
I suddenly realised that I hadn't heard from her in a little while and checked her Facebook page.  That's when I discovered something awful had happened.....I didn't understand all the updates as they were in finnish and swedish but I did understand the one word that scared the hell out of me and made me mail someone to find out.

I had no idea Jonnah had idea that she would do what she did.  Every time I saw her, she was happy & laughing & dancing.....and thankfully, that's how I'll remember her.  Sometimes I guess you don't know everything about everybody. 

So Jonnah, this blog post is for you.  I won't forget you & your dresses.....I hope you're at peace now.

To Charley (if you read this) - I hope this doesn't upset you x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Way out West

Good morning Frock fans!

Tis another sunny day in N8.  I'm happy to report that Crouch End looks as pretty in Autumn as it does in Summer.  There's a squirrel outside on the lawn, foraging for snacks....I fear he may be out of luck in this area...unless he likes tofu or some other expensive organic matter!

Things have been pretty quiet in my world as I've been concentrating on getting better after the doctor FINALLY confirmed I had sciatica.  I think I'm getting there at last, with the help of Naproxen and Solpadol on occasions.  Hopefully the physio which I'll start in November will kill it completely.  I don't like taking the painkillers as they kill your brain cells off I'm sure.

Anyways.....last weekend I ventured out West.  I work in W2 at the moment so very close to Notting Hill and Westbourne Grove but during the week there's just no time to look round.  We walked from Notting Hill, down Portobello Road and into Golborne Road. 

I hadn't been to Portobello Road since I lived in London during the 90s.  Strangely enough, my last memory of that area is running into my eye-liner wearing friend Adam (who would have joined These Animal Men in the blink of an eye if he'd had been asked).  He laughed about how his Mother had got a new lodger in and he hoped he liked britpop as he'd be subjected to it on a daily basis.  Sadly, 3 days later, Adam died in his sleep so he never got his chance at britpop stardom.  RIP sir.

Portobello was as crowded as ever and full of Italian tourists who insist on wearing over-sized rucksacks 24 hours a day.  We managed to make it to the veggie takeaway bakery in one piece and I will be returning!  If I'd have thought that pasties would have made it home to North London in one piece, I'd have stuffed one of those Italian's rucksacks full of them....unfortunately, if truth be known, I would have eaten them all before reaching Kings Cross.  The Ladbroke Grove end of Portobello was much more like I remembered it & I enjoyed looking round the vintage stalls.  I noticed how much real fur there was and was quite shocked.  Although I don't mind it, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it and I'm surprised it's as popular as it is.  Perhaps, having said that, it isn't and that's why there is so much on sale.  We had lunch (& a cheeky glass of Rose') in The Elgin....which was a welcome break from the crowds.  Nice food, great decor & men in Curiosity Killed the Cat caps....just my cup of tea.

We finished up in Golborne Road.  I much prefer that end of Portobello - jumble stalls & space to breathe walking up there.  Very much a portugese area, there are lovely little shops, people eating authentic portugese food from stalls in the street, and a really relaxed community feel.  As there was no space to sit in the obviously very popular Lisboa cafe', we ventured to a similar one over the road, drank proper strong coffee (!!!) and ate portugese cake.....2 drinks & 2 large slabs of cake for a fiver.  Golborne Road is right next to the infamous Trellick Tower.  I imagine the flats in there sell for a fortune now and being a nosey type, I would love to have a look.  If anyone reading this lives there, please invite me round for tea.

My last official 6 days at work are coming up and then I'm on my own.  Wish me luck Frockers!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The times they are a changing

Good Morning Frock Fans!

I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote on here.  The ever-continuing back problems have rather got in the way, as well as some big changes which I'll be rambling about.

I've had a birthday since you heard from me last.  I am now officially middle-aged and am considering stocking up on Tena Lady and booking myself on a Saga holiday next year.  Am I hell!  I don't think I'm ready to retire quite yet so don't expect to see me wearing tan tights up the bingo hall quite yet kids!

So, what's been happening?  Soho Society Film Club is back and I'm so glad it is.  Over the past few weeks, I've been to some great nights showing great 50s/60s footage as always, and a fascinating talk by Jack Kerouac's once partner, Carolyn Cassady.  She's such a character, the same age as my Gran, but smokes like a chimney and partied later than the rest of us in the roof terrace bar. 

The Society Club Shop is now up and running in Ingestre Street, W1.  We had a lovely hour there one morning, drinking Earl Grey from proper china teacups, looking through all the great books and loving meeting the interesting folk that drop by.  I'm hoping that anyone reading this will support the shop - you'll love it and you never know who you might meet.  They've started to put on events and there's a great exhibition of biker photos on at the moment - check it out. big news is that I've resigned from my job.  This could be the worst mistake I've ever made in my life but possibly the best thing I've ever done.  Time will tell.  I want to be more flexible with my working hours and with what I do, when.  My website is up and running ( and I'm on a self-marketing mission.  From 1 November, I'm going to be offering freelance services to creative companies/individuals, helping them with paperwork/finances/events etc. etc.  I'm a trier if nothing else and I've already had some interest from people.  I'm determined to make this work.  I want to work for interesting people, be a lady that lunches (when she wants to), work early, finish early....and I will.  Watch this space.....and also send any potential work my way eh???

I've got a very uninteresting afternoon of household chores today so just to cheer myself up before that - here's a picture of some cake!  Maison Bertaux - I love you!  (