Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hello Hove!

Happy New Year folks....albeit a bit late!

I'm here, partially settled, at the seaside, still surrounded by way too many boxes, but here nevertheless.

This must have been the smoothest move ever....with the removal men arriving an hour earlier than me & the kitten.  All unpacked from the van and furniture assembled in 2 hours.  Thank you Les, you made it a lot easier!

Coco aka Gremlin is enjoying having some outside more scratching at the front door wanting to be let out.  She's unsure about seagulls and the cat upstairs...but they're probably unsure about her and her wiley ways.  Poor kitty has had to visit the vet for *cough* ladies things this week but she's a tough little soul and was acting like normal within an hour or so.  Not sure us humans would feel as good if we'd had half our inside whipped out.

I'm loving has everything I need.....3 trillion charity shops, mad people, a half price freezer in Iceland containing boxes of frozen Pina Coladas, has it all.  Not missing Crouch End's cafe's or Dunns the Bakers yet.

I've enjoyed having friends visit and cooking dinner for skinny young men but havn't ventured too far yet due to lack of money.  FINALLY news is that what's left of my deposit will be in the bank on Tuesday. 

I did go and see Neneh Cherry last night (following the quaffing of some fizz).  Although she sounded excellent and I did appreciate it, it wasn't really me...nor were the very drunk people all over the place.  I sadly left before Buffalo Stance too.  Fantastic that she's playing our old Sweden Made Me venue, The Prince Albert.  So....a tiny upstairs room in a pub, followed by Sydney Opera House....yep!  We imagined that she had probably got the venue wrong and actually meant to play The Albert Hall last night....and ended up with porky scratchings on her rider!

Early days here by the sea but expect more exciting stories of things going on soon.