Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye...

Hello 2013.  Goodbye 2012.  Happy New Year Frock Fans & welcome to my "very much condensed" review of the past twelve months.

Exhibitions I liked:
Strange Face Project
We are All Prostitutes
Lloyd Johnson:  The Modern Outfitter
Another London
Sebastian Horsley at Viktor Wynd

Book Launches I liked:
We can be Heroes
Time for Action
The Great Rolling Stones Drug Bust
Punks Dead
Vice Cream
A to Z of Mod

Other things of note:
Adam Ant (particularly in Swindon of all places)
Secret Affair & The Lambrettas
Carnaby Street "Discount" Nights
The end of year party at The Golden Bee where we drank cocktails and danced to "proper" disco music
Extra work in The King of Soho
The relaunch of The Inner Sanctum Film Club (previously Society Film Club)
Northern Soul - the Victoria Melody play
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
The Jubilee (loved it all, you haters!)
The Olympics (see above)
Good times in the Quays (Surrey, not Florida)

So, this past year has been "interesting".  I've worked my wotsits off to get my business properly off the ground and am (touch wood) winning.  Onwards & upwards, and here's to not having to do a 9 to 5 job or go to Xmas parties you don't want to go to, ever again!  I've enjoyed good times at my new favourite place, Trishas, lots of cocktails, dyeing my hair orange, going to lots of private views/launches and playing out South of the River! 

I'm not making any resolutions for 2013, other than to have a blinking good holiday in Stockholm (at least one) and growing my business to a point where I can be the lady wot lunches that I'd hoped to be.

Cheers everyone.  Here's to a good New Year x