Saturday, 27 December 2014

Belated Happy Holidays.....

Hope the baby Jesus came up trumps and you all had copious amounts of Baileys in your Xmas socks.

December has been manic as far as organising my move and avoiding injury from a cheeky kitten has been concerned.  Packing and cleaning will be a short-term thing.  Blood-letting and scarification may last a bit longer.  I'm currently sitting here with Savlon covered legs and a plaster on my arm.  If I go septic, it was nice knowing you.

We survived another Xmas.  Had a nice visit at Mum's in Newbury.  The market place was crazy as ever with I think 2 people passing through when we were there.  Partook in my first mullage of the Winter, at a lovely little Xmas food market & had lunch at the new Bill's Restaurant.  (That small, large chested woman was Melinda Messenger Mother!).  To Rushall after, for a big family lunch, and a couple of days with my antique little girl, Gran.  Xmas Day was spent here as usual but a kindly friend came and cooked the most amazing lunch.....take that Jamie Oliver....thanks Ali, it was blinking marvellous!

Apart from packing, it appears that all I've done this month is eat & drink.  Hey ho!  I will get healthy again when I've moved....just you wait and see!

Lunch with my long-lost boss & friend, Andrea on Monday.  Lovely to catch up.  Lunch with Laurie on Tuesday in Brighton at Burgers & Cocktails.  Burgers?  Cocktails?  Both together?  What's not to like.  Recommended.....Banoffee Popcorn Sundae.  Also recommended, White Russians in Twisted Lemon!

Sooooooo.....just a week until myself & Coco the kitten (aka Gremlin) move down to the seaside.  Am making the most of the view of Alexandra Palace at the moment as my view in Hove won't be quite as lovely.  Will be spending the next week steam cleaning everything within an inch of it's life.  When you read this next, I will be all unpacked and Coco will be enjoying a bit of outside space.

Happy New Year kids xx