Monday, 31 May 2010

Smoothies & Skirts

Although mine don't look as appetising as this, I've gone smoothie crazy this weekend!  Not sure if they'll actually help with my goal to lose weight but let's see.  Smoothie of the morning:  Grape, Blueberry & Raspberry.  Yum!

I finally went to Hobbs earlier - to track down my dream skirt that I saw on Gok Wan last week, and which caused much excitement from a certain Miss Froberg on Facebook.  Although this is indeed my dream skirt, the price-tag of £89 did scare bit a bit!  Luckily (or not) the Brighton store didn't have my dream skirt and don't know if they're going to get it so perhaps it's for the best!  I managed to get out the shop without spending all my salary on things I loved but didn't really need.  Since getting home, I've found all of these things on the Hobbs website and I'll now be hoping they turn up on ebay in the near future!

Oh now I've looked at them again, I really want all of these things NOW!  Maybe I could stretch to the purple top - safe bet.  Out with the Visa Electron card perhaps.

This long weekend has gone way too quick.  Just time for a bit of cleaning, testing out my new iron, watching some crap tv and maybe a few more of these:

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Glory Boys

No blogging time yesterday so catching up today.

I had a well deserved indian head massage at Revitalise in Church Road yesterday morning - very nice it was too.  Am contemplating going to their "Taster Session" next Sunday where you can try out mini therapies on the cheap!  I actually slept well last night thanks to the massage - or was it the cider?

Last night was a quick trip to The Sidewinder and then on to the Concorde for Long Tall Shorty and Secret Affair.  If you've read my blog before, you'll know that Secret Affair were the first band I ever saw in my teens so this was a huge nostalgia trip for me. 

Both bands were excellent & people seemed to come out of the woodwork for the gig which was nice.  I'd forgotten how many great songs Secret Affair had back then (and I still remember most of the words!) and they still sound as good now.  Two encores and they kept my favourite til last - Glory Boys.  Definitely a song that shaped my teenage years and I'll always love it.  Was disappointed to see that not more people had made an effort to dress up and that they still insist on doing the "We are the Mods" thing when they should know better at their age....but I loved the night regardless!

Other ramblings today:  It must be the weather or something but it seems that Brighton's teenagers are having kids at the moment like there's no tomorrow.  I saw at least 3 on the bus this morning - all about 14 at the most.  I don't get it - we're lucky enough to have free contraception in this country, there's plenty to do in Brighton and they must have learnt by now that they don't automatically get a house if they have a baby so what's with it?

and....I see we came last in the Eurovision last night.  No surprise there then!  Maybe England should have taken the Justin Lee Collins song - we might have had more of a chance - but then again!

I've turned on the tv to see a load of men chasing a ball round - some major footie game apparently.  Off to plant up my chillis then!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Squatters Rights

I've turned into a NIMBY and I don't like it!  Squatters have taken over a run down house in my usually pretty, quiet road.  I'm fairly sure that it was used by some hardcore drug users previously so I guess squatters are a step up from that.

I've seen these squatters coming back from the Co-op with carrier bags full of alcohol and Pot Noodles (probably).  At one point, two of them were asleep on a urine-stained mattress in the front yard.  The upstairs window is kept open with used beer bottles.  There's unfortunately a poor little toddler living there amongst the chaos too I think.

Over the past couple of days, handmade banners have appeared - "Save my Squat", "Too Many Empty Houses in Brighton" blah blah blah and while I sympathise with their situation and agree about the housing situation, I think that if they want a property, they need to take a bit more care of it - you know what I mean, a bit of Cillit Banging, booze bottle recycling, that sort of it.  And maybe respect their neighbours a bit more.

I know what I'm talking about as regards squats you know!  I havn't always been the clean cut lady I am now.  I've stayed in squats (lots of them) - good & bad, and was even going to live in one once.  Good:  A 3 storey Victorian House in Eversholt Street, NW1, with a working bathroom & kitchen on each floor, and electric (provided of course by a friendly fixer).  Bad:  Drug infested hovels in Kennington/Brixton where people came & went, taking everyone's belongings with them.

I don't know if it happens much these days but in the 90s, there were stories all the time of long-term squatters being allowed to keep their squatted properties as the owners had died, given up or gone mad!  I'm positive that this was only because they made these places their own little homes, looked after them and treated them in a way in which anyone would be proud.

Blimey this was a bit serious today.  I might go and have a word with the squatting kids - tidy up or go away!  I really don't want their mess ruining my pretty road.

Tomorrow's blog will hopefully be prettier!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Mojitos and Mods

Someone asked me today what I write my blog about.  I should have a theme I guess but instead I just told her that it was just me rambling about crap.  As payday isn't until tomorrow, the mention of frocks I've purchased has been pretty slim so apologies to anyone that's clicked on this expecting some fashion news from the streets of Brighton!

For our weekly work lunch today, we went to Giraffe (again!).  They love us in there.  No-one else in the whole of town probably spends as much as we do!!!!!!  I think we should be awarded with something - a "Best Customers of the Decade" plaque maybe.  As today was a special (but sad) day in our office, desserts or cocktails were definitely needed after our usual main courses.  I went for the largest, most expensive (probably) cocktail - a trusty Mojito.  Very nice it was too.  I needed it after the hairy lettuce that bothered me so much.

Much excitement at work this morning when I realised that a work colleague not only knew what mod revival bands were but actually went to see them in the 80s like I did, at the same places I did!  I think that we almost definitely know the same people as he came from Ilford and I knew a lot of the infamous "East London (la la la)" back then!  Tis a small world as not only did he know an ex of Mick Talbot but I knew his wife....maybe he just got around a bit!  I will be reporting back after Secret Affair and Long Tall Shorty at the weekend.  Am hoping there's not too much bad parka wearing and "We are the Mods" chanting going on as the guaranteed audience is at least in their mid 40s. chilli plants came today so I'm on a compost buying mission before work tomorrow so we can get planting.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sneezes and Summer Disasters!

Ok, so who's wearing cheap market perfume in the office today?  I can't stop sneezing and it's getting a bit annoying now.  From experience, it's only cut flowers (of which we have none), dust (very unlikely we have much) or that cheap Impulse type perfume spray that sets me off.  I will be starting an investigation after lunch and the culprit will be evicted from the office!  Someone has said "bless you" so many times this morning that he said from now on, they're on direct debit.

I had the sudden urge to do a Facebook cull over lunch.  Such a therapeutic thing!  No longer will I have to put up with news from the Stockholm indie scene, of which I never really was a part or be bombarded with Farmville & Mafia Wars rubbish.  I know you can physically hide these things on certain people and I have done but it's such a chore darling!

Last night was another restless night.  I think I was traumatised by Gok Wan telling me that not only is linen in this Summer (well he didn't tell me but I know these things!) but so is tie dye and ethnic prints - the thing of nightmares.  If tie dye is "bang on trend", something needs to be done and fast.  I'm intending starting up a petition which I will personally take to our newly formed government, and obviously the obligatory Facebook group entitled "I bet I can get 1,000,000 people to sign up who hate tie dye" (or something).

While I'm on the subject of such Summer disasters, I'm campaigning against the wearing of any of the following too:

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Something is wrong.....

I'm considering joining LA Fitness!

Maybe it's because I'm feeling fat & frumpy or maybe it's because middle-age is creeping up on me and I don't want to be that cuddly mumsy shape that happens when you hit your mid to late 40s....Or maybe it's because it's next door to the office and it's a sensible idea seeing as I'm going to have spare cash every month.

The chances of me using anything more than the pool or doing a couple of yoga classes is pretty slim but we'll see what happens.  Have made a mental note to do a little tour round before my first "proper" payday at the end of June.  Watch this space.

My first payday will also see appointments being booked for a massage, indian head massage, facial and eyebrow threading......building gently up to Botox in August, fillers in September & a full on facelift by the end of the year.

Received some sad news best friend's Mum died in hospital on Sunday night.  Not sure what to say at times like these but am sending all the love in the world to them right now.  R.I.P June Lee - I'll remember you with a smile.

and finally.................angry today............and feel like causing trouble.  Maybe I will!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Stockholm Syndrome

I'm missing Stockholm today.  Sunny days like this remind me of my lovely second home in Bagarmossen that I had for too short a time.  I was so incredibly lucky finding it - £320 for a huge place, no bills, and 2 toilets!!!!

I didn't know much about Bagarmossen before I moved there.  I'd only heard that it was a bit rough and a bit far out - neither of these turned out to be the case.  My metro journey into Sodermalm was only 12 mins door to door and as I spent the majority of my time there, 12 mins was perfect!  The little square near my flat was a bit of a meeting place for Stockholm's, let's say, unusual types but I felt safe, even coming home from my club at 3 or 4 in the morning.

My apartment block was classed as being 'old' despite it being built in the 50s - hence the cheap rent I guess.  I was 2 mins away from 2 supermarkets, a chemist, a library (with an english section) and the best takeaway pizza hut I've been to.  I avoided The Sherlock Holmes Inn but I'd heard a lot about it!

It was in Bagarmossen that I experienced the swedish laundry experience for the first time.  Most apartment blocks/houses in Sweden have a laundry room which you gain access to with an electronic key fob.  My laundry room was just up the road through a gorgeous little flowery wood and was used by several blocks.  I was very proud of myself that first time I managed to figure out how to book myself a 2 hour laundry slot using my fob and basic knowledge of swedish!  I actually found it quite a nice experience - very different from english laundries.  You have access to 2 washing machines, a dryer, a dryer cupboard, rails and a laundry trolley.....making it all very easy and painfree!

With that, I'll leave it there as I'm sure no-one is at all interested in the swedish laundry process, particularly not swedes!  I could ramble for hours about my love of Stockholm but those of you that know me have heard it before - maybe another time!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

These are a few of my favourite things......

Hottest day of the year so far apparently.  I should probably be out burning my shoulders or feeling slightly sick from the heat or something but instead I'm having a "chores day".  Us adults who work until 6 every night unfortunately have to do these things - no avoiding the laundry, the cleaning or the grocery shopping at weekends.  So.....laundry, check!, grocery shopping, check! cleaning....oh sod that.

There are going to be big changes in my flat in the next few months - furniture/decor wise - so I've taken a few pics of how things are in my little home right now. Plans afoot include a fab new sofa and some more storage:

So here are some of my favourite things in the flat at the moment:

I need some interesting shoe storage solutions.  Any suggestions gratefully received!  And yes I know the price is still on one of the pairs & yes I'm cheap!

Hell to dust but I love my random ornaments.  These will stay in some form or another I'm sure.

The Lloyd Loom chair has been passed down to me from my Mum who used to feed me in it in 1966/67.  It will go with me wherever I go.  The other chair was a present.  Not the most comfortable computer chair for the amount of hours I sit on it but I love it regardless.

And these are just some random pics of random things - no reasoning behind them - just things at home I like!

And with that, I will leave you to enjoy the sunshine and your Sunday.  I'm off to make some lunch and watch "Frock Me".

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Park Life

Hot, Hot, Hot!

An early trip to the hairdressers this morning, with my only request being "don't make me look ROUGH" when asked how short would I go?  Short indeed and a home dye job desperately needed because of it.  Signs everywhere about  Trevor Sorbie has come up with the best idea - cutting & styling wigs for cancer patients.  Having seen some horrific wigs in my time, I love this!  If having cancer isn't traumatic enough for everyone concerned, looking like Mrs Doubtfire really doesn't help so well done Trevor!

St Ann's Wells Festival this afternoon - a million times bigger, better & sunnier than last year.  I think a champagne area would be a great addition (Lou, if you're reading this!!!!).  Didn't get to see any of the bands this time round but was glad to see that white-gloved man was around, doing his infamous white-gloved dance.  I've searched "Jazz Dance Man Brighton", "White Gloved Man Brighton" but am failing in my quest to find photos.  Dolly spent hours making her ladybird costume for the park and it paid off.

Reluctance to queue for nosh at the park meant a visit to Tutti Fruitti at the Dials for a small snack.  I've never actually managed to get a seat in here before (which is the sign of a good deli I guess!) but the sun today meant everyone was barbecuing I guess.  Takeouts have always been particularly yummy and I'm happy to report that eating in is just as good.  Recommendation from moi - Goats Cheese & Pesto stuffed tomatoes.

Bye everyone - I'm off to monitor the copious amounts of Facebook comments that are coming in thanks to Dolly's ladybird outfit!  Enjoy the sunshine!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Chillis, Scarves & Plans for the weekend

I'd like to say it was steaming hot in Brighton today but I think steaming is probably a bit overboard.  It is warm though and I left my coat at home this morning for the first time in ages.  The office is hot & sticky and I thought that rather than complain, I'd make good use of it.  I'm going to start with growing chillis from a little set that was on Amazon today - a bargain price of £5.74.   Let's see what happens.

I had a little package delivered from ebay today.  Always an exciting moment in my life.  I truly am easily pleased.  I buy these things and then think about what I can wear them with later but I'm sure this will come in useful somewhere!

Tomorrow after my well needed haircut, I'll be dropping by the St Ann's Wells festival.  St Ann's is one of my favourite places in Brighton and 2 mins from my house.  Last year I was responsible for booking all the acts on the music stage, sorting out their backline needs and generally persuading them they didn't need to get paid!!!!!  Dolly is coming dressed as a ladybird - I'm not!  Am hoping to partake in a therapy, a cupcake, and a glass of the fizzy stuff.  If you're on Facebook, here's the event link:!/event.php?eid=127825530565960&index=1

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, 20 May 2010


I've been sleeping as badly as friends with small babies lately.  Last night's 4 hours was a joke.  I've tried everything - early nights, late nights, hot drinks, hot baths.  Only two things work for me and neither of those are really do-able right now!  Please send any sensible suggestions to me or I'll be going the same way as the sad individual in the pic.

Something has gone wrong with this blog layout today - perhaps its me and the lack of sleep situation.

On a nicer note, we ventured to The Victory Pub on Duke Street for our weekly lunch today and very nice it was too.  I've walked past a million times but never been in once in my 10 years in Brighton.  I'll be going back that's for sure.  Although not very clear, here's the menu.

Finally, I'm able to book my next trip 'up North to see friends in Newcastle and visit my old club Pop Klubb.  For anyone wanting cheap travel up there, get on the East Coast Trains website FAST - singles are £9, if you're lucky, at the moment.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This is getting silly now - it's only been 5 weeks and I need a haircut. For those of you who think curly hair is "lovely" - it really isn't. You try living with it and you'll see!

I was unlucky enough to have the nickname "Crystal Tips" as a child - only people of a certain age will understand that. Then I discovered the mod scene in my teens and chopped the whole lot off, going for that mod girl circa 64 look - i.e. like a flat chested bloke with no hair!

I did the bleached thing too - which really is NOT a good idea when you have hair like mine. My one and only time having a bleach job done resulted in a slightly pink tinge and a nosebleed.

So into the 90s, the mod scene where I lived died down, I moved to a hippie town (all joss sticks and standing stones) and got into the grunge/indie scene - Mudhoney, New Model Army, The Levellers blah blah blah - part of this being extremely bad clothes (so bad I refuse to post any pics) and dreadlocks (the only other way to cope with curly hair!). Oh and I did the crimping, pillerbox directions hairdye thing too OBVIOUSLY!

It took two people to cut the buggers out when I moved to London in the early 90s - I remember the look of horror on the poor trainee's face in Kensington Market! By pure fluke, I was left with a nice little pixie mod cut after they'd gone which suited me nicely as by that time I'd got back into the mod scene and had started frequenting the original Blow Up at the Laurel Tree where I can't imagine they'd look too kindly on crusty so and sos like myself!

So here we are again, still stuck with the curly hair, no longer wanting to go down the dreadlocked route obviously. Trevor Sorbie, please sort it out!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fabric lovely Fabric

I wish I had sewing skills but unfortunately I even failed my CSE textiles exam as I spilt orange juice on my half finished school blouse and gave up. I'm currently living vicariously on the sewing front through a work friend who also doubles up as my dressmaker. She's already made a lovely polka dot dress & hipster skirt, and I think a candy stripe summer top is up next. we went for a rummage round the fabric shops down the Laines. Too much linen could have ruined my day but I coped admirably!

One of her next creations is going to be a gorgeous little gingham dress with a peter pan collar. Here's a link to her own blog -

And not really connected but I saw this on the way back to work and love it! It was in the window of one of my favourite shops in Brighton - here's a link:

Other ramblings today - at least 18 degrees out today so why have I seen people in scarves & hats? Dress appropriately folks - it's the other extreme from flip-flops in Winter!

I saw a link to what could be an interesting film coming out soon - keep your eye on it:

Last night I ventured into Second Life as my avatar Willow Sveiss - I have the weirdest boobs and white go go boots that keep disappearing into the ether but I'll work on that! I've been checking out The Twisted Wheel club where they play 60s stuff. I've learnt to dance and strutted my stuff with a load of people dressed as bananas. If anyone is in there took please add me!

And finally, this was the first band I ever saw at the tender age of 15 or something - Chippenham Gold-diggers. A band that was a big part of my teenage years......many a night was locked away in my bedroom being all "teenage" and singing along to Glory Boys like it meant the world. Time have moved on but Secret Affair are still around & I'll be down the front still singing along to Glory Boys at the Concorde on 29 May.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Initial ramblings

I wrote a diary from the age of 7 until 42. I guess I'm sort of missing the opportunity to write my thoughts down so here we are. Don't expect any blogging on my lovelife (or lack of it) or personal life but do expect blogging on random thrilling things such as what I ate for lunch, what particularly lovely vintage dress I found today (with photographic evidence) or where I've been that's worth documenting!

It feels like Summer has hit Brighton today - evidence of this is the whitest of white legs in those unpleasant cropped trousers that make you look shorter than you are.....capri pants if you're fashionable - unpleasant cropped trousers if you're not. Linen is showing it's ugly face on the streets of Brighton - this worries me greatly and as I've said elsewhere, summer will not be pretty if there's much more of it about!

Still raving about "Worried about the Boy" which was on BBC2 last night. Great soundtrack and makes me wish I'd been part of that new romo movement - instead I was a little mod, singing along in my bedroom to "Glory Boys" and wearing my Gran's two-pieces.

Cath's recommended website of the day:

My first blog is done. Whether it gets more exciting is yet to be seen!