Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summer Stuff.....and Mod Bothering

London's Burning...hot.  I won't complain as before you know it, it'll be a distant memory.

July is nearly over but lots has been on, visitors have visited and days out have been had.

My swedish friend Louise (more english than swedish if truth be known!) was in London for a few days so we ventured out to the Bar Italia 65th birthday party.  What a day!  Frith Street was closed to traffic, the sun shone and we had the best afternoon ever.

We got all cultural,  listened to opera and drank Aperol spritz.  We watched The Soho Hobo do his thing (one of my current favourites), Suggs do "Baggy Trousers" and Adam Ant be all gorgeous.  Not bad for an afternoon's free entertainment I say.  Soho's characters were out in force....the man with the glass on his head, the Italian pensioners dancing like they were 25 again, the middle-aged fashionistas who showed everyone else up.  People danced, drank and hung out of Soho windows.  Belated Happy Birthday Bar Italia....thank you for the good times and all the coffee!

What else?  I took a brief trip to Worthing.  No near death events thankfully this time.  Moving on.

Last weekend, the sun stayed out and we went to the ModernHistory day in Lower Marsh, Waterloo.  A real contrast to last year's damp experience.  Found a gorgeous dress in the little vintage market, looked at some lovely black & white photos, visited the ladies in What the Butler Wore, drank Strawberry Coladas, got confused in the pub that didn't serve cider nor know how to make lager & lime, danced a bit, and Emma got her bum pinched.  (Sex pests, they're everywhere).  A good turnout of scooters for Scoot the Thames too.

Had a day off and a day out in Soho yesterday....too much to mention but included Peckham Rye, Babette and small dogs at The Society Club Shop, Bar Italia (again), Liberty (my first time), Golden Square, escaping Carnaby Street as quick as we can, lunch in Pollo, and a pointless visit to pointless Covent Garden.  Thank you for a lovely day Mr Hyde-Smith, this is for you:

Friday, 4 July 2014

June & July jubilations....

Happy 4th July blog-reading folk. 

June has been a crazy old month and July is going the same way.  I don't mean crazy in an unhinged sort of a way....just crazy busy.  Good busy too though.

We had a day to get over the Modcast boat trip and then headed off to the London Welsh Centre for the launch of the lovely Saint Etienne photo book.  What a strange old place the Welsh Centre is.....lots of people in national costumes holding daffodils, talking about popty pings and pysgod wibbly wobblies.  Ok, so it wasn't quite like that but wouldn't it be great if it was? 

Had a night out with the visiting Newcastle folk at the Earl Haig Hall down the road....this time for a pub quiz.  What a fun night that was.  We came joint 2nd I think....no thanks to me.  They didn't have one single question on skinny swedish bands or Adam Ant.

A lovely night was had at the Genesis cinema last week for a screening of the Adam Ant documentary, The Blueblack Hussar.  A great little place in an interesting area....Ant fans mingling with muslims heading to the mosque next door.  Will go back and explore some other time.  The screening was the final night of the East End film festival, which looked fantastic I might add.  Once again, something to revisit another time.  Free fizz and snacks were on hand, there were comfy seats and "hubby" looked pretty blinking gorgeous.  What's not to like?  An interesting behind the scenes look at Mr Ant's comeback tour/s.  All good stuff.

Crazy days by the seaside last weekend thanks to friends old & new.  A sunny day spent watching the world go by and laughing our heads off.  Nosh at Idyea, fizz at The Dorset, cocktails at Twisted Lemon, near death events in Worthing.  Lovely times. 

July sees much of the same but as always, don't expect any indepth reviews about anything much!!!!

Happy weekend folks!