Sunday, 18 May 2014

Brick Lane, Bingo, Brighton....All the B's

It's hot out there I tell you, hot!  The streets of Crouch End are no doubt full of Birkenstock-wearing folk and there is probably way too much inappropriate flesh on show.  I'm having an enforced "staying in" weekend so the general public have been spared my pasty white legs and ridiculous sunglasses.

May isn't over yet but I've had a month of "things beginning with B".  Wondering if a prize win to Barbados might top it all off.....but will more likely be Blackpool.

 My Aunt Linda came over on her yearly visit from the States this month.  I was given the job of arranging a day out for her, her friend & Mum.  They were lucky I didn't choose my favourite Saturday things or they'd have gone home with a bag full of cocktail umbrellas and twitching from too much Bar Italia coffee.

So......Brick Lane & Spitalfields it was.  Yes, yes, yes, I know Shoreditch is hipster-central but it's a fascinating area, full of art & things to look at all over the place.  I'm presuming that the local council turn a blind eye to the graffiti as it's a hell of a lot more attractive than what's underneath.  I avoided the vintage shops but we did go and ogle lots of food stalls instead.  Go early before it's all been man-handled - loads of choice and it looks fantastic! 

Spitalfields happened to have a vintage wedding fayre.  Amongst the tatt, there were still lots of nice things to look at and interesting people to spy.  Lunch in The Real Greek which I'd recommend....big portions so no room for dessert (What? I hear you cry) and not too expensive.

....slightly distracted here as it sounds like my washing machine is about to spin it's way through the floor.  Sorry neighbours.

Next on the B list....Bingo!!!!!  Hannah & I donned our bunny ears, downed a few Malibus and headed to Wood Green with our dabbers.  Only some of these things are true.  It appears that Bingo is no longer for old (or mad) folk....nor is it full of hen nights (thankfully).  It's all very technical these days I'll have you know and there's no messing about.  Keep up or lose!  I learnt all the basics from Bingo Queen Hannah, and also learnt that perhaps I havn't got a loud enough voice for Bingo.  I could have won the huge sum of £30....if only they'd had heard me shout.  You'll all be doing it soon....mark my words ;)

and B-related things......Brighton!  Lunch with the ladies & Dolly (who is also a lady but a small one) at The George (not impressed George people, not impressed) then a night at The Pelirocco.  Fond memories of staying there once with a skinny danish person in the Modraphenia Room.  Poor Mr Piller got stuck with it this time round apparently....hope you loved the target duvet Eddie!!!  (She said sarcastically).  I digress.....anyway, there this time to see a couple of films about the current mod-scene....specifically in Glasgow & London.  Luckily our appearances were very, very fleeting!  Lovely to meet the producer Emma-Rosa, have a dance, catch up with various folk, and consume "Del Boy" cocktails, complete with tacky umbrellas and foliage.  Thank you Brighton friends, old and new......I had a lovely time.

Cheerio for now....and good luck Crouch End Fun Run people.....just remember there are doughnuts at the finish line!!!!