Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cheap as Chips

I've been away from this blogging lark for a couple of weeks....mainly due to a bad back of the worst kind.  The painkillers killed the back pain but they also killed part of me off for a few days.  I've been in hospital only once and the sedation I remember then is the same as the sedation after those stupid tablets.  My back is now better and I've stashed the horrible things away until I'm in dire need another time.

After my blog about mods, we ventured to Waterloo last weekend where the Scoot the Bridges scooter cruise was ending up and where the Crawdaddy r 'n' b club was on in the afternoon.  As much as I love the whole mod scene (see previous blog), so many of them are set in their ways, to the point of not venturing anywhere they don't normally go or should go according to Mod Law!  There is so much out there to see & do much more than Carnaby Street, Pretty Green & the Modernworld Art Gallery (*cough*).  It was such a disappointment to see very few people at the Crawdaddy do...people that missed out on great music.  They also missed out on the subtle aroma of cheese pasties however...which rather put us off too!  Dear Mods....there's a whole world out there....try some of it.

Whilst in Waterloo and whilst the scooter folk went elsewhere, we had lunch in a little old greasy joe's cafe' called Maries.  I was hesitant about even writing the name of the cafe' if I'm honest as it's a little gem and little gems are best kept to yourself.  Too late now though.  Maries has menus that are spelt wrong but that adds to the feel of the place if you ask me!  It's rare you can find proper good food at such cheap prices.  If I thought 60p for a mug of tea was a bargain, I was even more pleased to get a main meal of mushroom omelete and proper thick chips, plus cherry pie and 2 types of ice-cream for less than a fiver.  I will be back and may even have 3 courses next time.

Cue fanfare - the Soho Society Film Club started again on Monday after the Summer break.  This time round, we watched a few old GPO shorts and listened to a very knowledgeable soul talk about the film industry in London in the 30s & 40s.  I realised after Film Club that the lovely Sanctum Soho Hotel where it's held was actually featured in a BBC documentary called The Rock & Roll Hotel a little while ago.  The documentary showed the renovation and opening of the hotel, and all the stress that Mark Fuller was under doing so.  Apparently there are little "extras" at the Sanctum such as a guitar doctor (!!!!!) and a huge library of porn you can hire out.  Please note that the latter isn't listed as such on their website but I presume you only have to ask!!!!

When you hear from me next, I will have returned from my Saga holiday and will be a year older.  Let's pray my vital organs don't give up on me before then.