Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunshine, more sunshine...and snails

I take back everything I said....Summer is well and truly here.  The windows are open, the thick black tights are on hold for the moment, and Factor 3700 sun cream has been purchased.  Am definitely going to make the most of this Summer - they get shorter by the year.

Dear Catastrophe Waitress (the July session) took place on Friday.  Not a post-menopausal troll in sight this time thank goodness.  Instead, lots of lovely friends (old & new), superb tunes, and drinks of the coloured variety.  We're never really sure who turns up for the night or who turns up just because it's a late-night bar, but if people enjoy the music, we're happy.  I personally am even happier if there is dancing!

Breakfast at Haberdashery on Saturday warded off any cocktail effects from the night before.  On to the Carnaby Sound day in.......umm....Carnaby Street.  Bar Italia first for a pear & ginger smoothie concoction, a wander round the shops which were supposed to have free things but strangely didn't, a vodka & tonic at The White Horse, a quick glimpse of The Last of the Troubadours, and a late lunch in Itsu.  What happened Carnaby Sound organisers?  Where were the bands that were supposed to play on the roof of Libertys?  Where were the free things?  If I could review you on Tripadvisor, it'd be a bad one!

Finally, to end this lovely weekend - Soho Festival.  I love Soho Festival.  Unfortunately, this time, there wasn't an impromptu performance by Mr Ant but instead we enjoyed a cheeky Kir Royale, some Pimms, some of the lovely Eve Ferret's performance (complete with mange tout), Dudley Sutton, Beryl Marsden doing some 60s classics (with John Spencer in attendance), various tug of war competitions & lots of people watching.  I love Soho and it's characters.  Today we saw a woman who had knitted "children" in her wheelchair,  some extremely camp pensioners in sparkly pink outfits, Mark Powell in bad shorts, and various people we thought we knew off the telly but probably didn't!  (Oh and Diane, the band whose name I forgot was The Correspondents).  The only disappointment from today was not winning the raffle (it was a fix!) and somehow missing the snail racing (every hour on the hour you know!).  Apart from that, bravo darlings!  (As it would be a tad rude to steal Diane's photos of today, I'm instead posting a photo of Beryl Marsden looking gorgeous).

With that, I will love you & leave you.  I hope your weekend was as marvellous as mine.  Next stop....Stockholm baby.