Sunday, 20 October 2013

Winnings & Westfield.....

The heavens have opened & Crouch End appears to be flooding.  I will now hibernate for the rest of the day after updating you all on October goings on.

The beginning of the month saw a night out at Rough Trade East off Brick Lane, for the launch of A Scene in Between by Samuel Knee - a lovely book about the early 80s indie scene....think bowl cuts, think anoraks, think a great time in music.  Apart from my friends who were lucky enough to be in bands during that period (that's you Katie Courtney-Jones aka Stephanie Bass Drum from The Pooh Sticks and Bridget Duffy from The Sea Urchins), various folk from the time were in attendance, although I have to be honest I wouldn't have known them from Adam if I hadn't have been told.  Notable males included Bobby Gillespie, Stephen Pastel & "that bloke from the Jesus & Mary Chain"!!!  If anyone (note for my Mother) would like to buy me the book for Xmas, I'd be a happy lady.

Another Dear Catastrophe Waitress on the following night where much dancing & consuming of the usual Mojitos took place.  Lots of interesting plans for the future to be discussed including a possible alldayer, a possible festival and a possible new venue (?).  Watch this space.  Thank you in the meantime for your continued support & lovely comments.

We ventured to the Vintage Classic Car Boot Fair on the Southbank last weekend and much fun was had.  Lots of folk selling vintage out of their vintage vehicles sounds like a winning idea to me.  I rescued the world's most beautiful dress for a fiver.  The lady selling it was a bit tearful as it was apparently her going away outfit after her wedding in the 60s.  It'll never fit me but I'll love it on her behalf.  There was a great atmosphere at the boot fair - lots of interesting people to look at, lovely tunes being played from the top of a double decker bus and good food/drink.  Roll on next year which will be even bigger & better I'm sure.

My winning streak from my part time comping hobby continues.  My haul in September included some Jamie Oliver cookware, a meal for two, and a holiday essentials package worth £300 consisting of a Kindle, digital camera, Ray-bans etc. etc, which I promptly flogged!  This month saw bigger & better - a £1,000 shopping card for Westfield.  No, I couldn't believe it either.  Two trips later and I still have £450 odd left to spend when the time is right.  I've realised pretty quickly that shopping malls the size of Westfield and me just don't get on.  I struggle to find things to buy of any use & the crowds annoy me hugely.  Last trip I came away feeling violent.  This trip I came away feeling less violent but with a huge haul of goods......and I might have bought some Baileys too....just cos I can.  All essentials on my list now purchased, the next time I go I can relax and just buy whatever the hell I fancy.....if there is anything I do fancy.  I have to say that Greggs was looking mighty fine today ;)

With that, I will love you & leave you.  I'm off to visit the Newcastle crowd next week for a few days and will report back on Pop Klubb, my first ever northern Northern Soul night, and Megabus stories.

Bye for now Frock fans x