Monday, 16 June 2014

A night with Jarvis...and some other stuff

Hello folks

Another month with lots of things happening.

Although our little club, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, is on hold for the time being, we were asked to provide the tunes for a lovely lady's 50th birthday party at the Great Northern Railway Tavern.  For anyone that thinks us middle-aged folk don't know how to have a good time, I will introduce you to her!  Dancing from the second the djs started, until 2am when the place closed.  Long past my bedtime I might add.  Although I didn't stay until the end, I did make good use of the buffet and consumed at least 400 spring rolls that evening.  Thank you John & Jenny for asking Darren & Nick to dj for you.  We do love a buffet.

This month, I finally got to visit Crouch End's lovely new Arthouse Cinema - very impressive it is too.  We sent to see the Pulp documentary - Pulp: A film about life, death & supermarkets.  This first screening involved cinemas around the country showing the film at the exact same time, with live footage from Sheffield and a Q&A session with the band.  I would recommend you see this if you havn't already.  Even if you're not particularly a Pulp fan, I guarantee you'll fall in love with every single character in it.  It didn't make me want to move to Sheffield but it did make me want to meet them all!!!!

Crouch End Festival took place since I last wrote.  The Zombie Walk and outdoor screening of Shaun of the Dead proved particularly popular....with (once) Crouch End's own Simon Pegg introducing the film on a big screen.  I don't like zombies and aren't particularly interested in Shaun of the Dead but well done Crouch End for what seems like a successful night!

Soho days/nights twice this past week.  Dinner in one of my favourite cheapo eateries, Pollo, and on Saturday, a trip to the lovely John Deakin & The Lure of Soho photo exhibition at The Photographer's Gallery, lunch at Wahaca, coffee at Bar Italia, and drinks at The French House and The John Snow.  What's not to like about a sunny Saturday in Soho?  Apart from maybe too much unpleasant flesh on show on the Naked Bike Ride.

One of my favourite days of the year yesterday - the Modcast Boat Trip.  Oh what fun we had.  A bigger boat for us this year and a fair few choppy moments on the Thames but no-one vomited, no-one fell out the window and all was well.  No PC Carver or Matt Berry this time for Emma to bother in a bothersome way, but Rick Buckler instead.  I should have asked him if he did indeed live down the road from my Gran in her tiny hamlet, and practice his drumming in the village hall.  I guess we'll never know.  Highlights of the trip (among many) - the whole place singing "Town called Malice" (probably to Mr Buckler's embarrassment) and lots of Tony Class classics being played.  Next one in September - see you there shipmates.