Sunday, 1 December 2013

A pinch & a punch......

It's December which means not celebrating Christmas for the 2nd year running....or at least not celebrating Christmas in the "traditional" way.  I'll see my family in a fortnight, we'll exchange presents and I'll call them on Christmas Day but there will be no tacky tv, decorations, or Xmas Dinner.  I will be in Crouch End doing what I want, eating what I want, and enjoying it!  Don't think I'll be lonely, depressed or bored.....I certainly will be none of those things!!!!

Anyway, what went on in November that I can write about on here?

We had another Dear Catastrophe Waitress night which was fun as ever.  The club is on a little break at the moment, until we know what we're doing regarding a venue & availability etc.  Bear with us - we'll be back soon I'm sure.  In the meantime, have a Mojito, put on a Style Council track, dance around your lounge and pretend you're there!

There was another Carnaby Street 20% discount night/Grab all you can & go night in our case.  I might have imagined it but there didn't seem to be half the freebies there are normally & it was quite a chore trying to find a shop that would give us free anything!!!!!  I think I probably had a cocktail, probably had a prosecco and probably pretended I was "really interested" in those "ever so fashionable" party dresses.  Off to Trishas afterwards, and Bar Italia for night-time coffee & cake.

To Brighton via the rail replacement hellish bus in mid-November, for a few very important things - to visit Miss C-J and the lovely Dolly and to be part of Suse's 40th birthday celebrations.  30 odd of us went to the North Laines where we all had a well-overdue catch up, the biggest Sunday Roast you have ever experienced in your life, and a bottle of the bubbly stuff.  Well done for getting us altogether Mrs Bentley - you did a great job.  Hope you enjoyed your birthday shenanigans!  Off to Hove actually the next day....lunch at a lovely little cafe' called LaLas in George Street, then back to Miss Thomas's (no longer) new abode by the sea, for tea & cat action.  We treated ourselves to some drinks at the Hotel Pelirocco before our night out & very nice it was too.  I havn't been there since my 40th birthday when I stayed in the (sadly named) Modrophenia room with a certain pretty little danish boy.  I seem to remember nice drinks were consumed then too.  Brace yourselves Frock fans....the reason for staying over in Brighton was to see......da da da.......5ive.  We all have our guilty pleasures and 5ive are mine.  We laughed, had a whole row to ourselves, danced to every song and indeed did Slam Dunk Da there!!!!!

Nearly up-to-date now - hang in there!!!  By now, you know my drinks of choice are mainly cocktails.  We checked out a new place in Camden last week called Simmons which was lovely!  Done out in retro style, with a whole range of lovely drinks, it was a nice place to spend an hour or two.  Opposite Koko, you can watch the queues of little girls going to see bands you have probably never heard of.  Make friends with the little barman - he might do you a deal like he did us.  To Proud Camden after for a Boosh exhibition & signing, which was frankly so boring, I won't bother to write anymore about that.  Finishing up in new private members' club, Record Club.  I've been lucky enough to be given a 3 month trial and I will be using it to the max.  We had a fantastic night & I can't wait to go back.  No, it's not cheap kids but if you too are lucky enough to go, treat yourself!  Lovely, lovely staff, a good location and drinks that are so lovely you have to have 7 at least, what's not to like?

Finally and most importantly, I'm trying to adopt a house-cat & need all the money I can get to pay my landlord's required damage deposit (darn them!).  I'm begging, stealing & borrowing to get the money together.  If anyone reading this is a cat-lover, enjoys what I write, and would like to donate any pennies at all to my cause, I'd appreciate it very much.  Here's a link to my little page....

Thank you x