Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Good Morning 2014!

Happy New Year folks.  Hands up - Who's got a hangover?  Not me, that's for sure.  In bed by 10.45.  My block (and the one next door) obviously felt the same way as I didn't hear a single "Happy New Year" or have to endure some awful "experimental" music from 'him upstairs.

I'm not one for New Years' Resolutions, which is a good job as I've already eaten a handful of maltesers, sniggered at the joggers out in the rain, and bitten a nail or two. 

So.....2013.....What?, Where?, Who?  I'm sure it was a memorable one but without looking through all last years' blogs, I'm sure I'll forget some "highlights".

We're now into our second year of Dear Catastrophe Waitress.  Very few less than fantastic nights have been had and we have plans for this year....which *may* involve bands, and *may* involve Brighton.  For now, we're still at Kiss the Sky and keeping the same format as always - no music rules, just good tunes, good company and some bendy elbow dancing.  Thank you (on here as well as Facebook) to Darren (my club partner in crime), as well as Rob, Nick, Ian....and particularly Simon who treks all the way from the seaside with a record box that weighs a ton! 

I made it back to my second home TWICE this year.  Huzzah.  Stockholm I love you.  We saw two seasons - the rainiest winter and then the hottest summer.  Trench foot and heat stroke in two trips.  Lazy days and tourist boat trips.  People may have moved on since I lived there but I still love going back, and hopefully that spot by the window in String, and that larger than large crayfish salad, will be mine again soon.

March saw the loveliest "Antique Little Girl" (my Gran) reach her 90th birthday.  This should by my highlight of 2013 as I got to see my long-lost Utah-based cousins who I hadn't seen in over 25 years.  I know that right now they probably wish they could be celebrating New Year in Camden Town rather than Stateside but Heath & Scott....come back soon eh? 

Award for the "Most fun day out of the (late) Summer" goes to the Modcast Rare Mod Boat Cruise.  Who'd have thought travelling up and down the Thames on a slightly wobbly old boat on a grey day in September could be so enjoyable?  Still laughing now about the drink flying out of the window due to tidal turbulance! Thanks for a great day Mr Piller et al.

Lots of cocktails were consumed in various establishments throughout London/Stockholm.  No change there for 2014 probably.  Places of note:  Joes in Chalk Farm, Simmons in Camden High Street, Bar Solo in Inverness Street, and now the fantastic new private members' club "Record Club" in Camden.

Oh I'm sure there was lots more wasn't there?  Obviously not EVERYTHING can be written in a blog.

Here's hoping great things for 2014 - for you & for me x