Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Car Trouble, Oh Yeah!

Crouch End is quiet tonight - the same as most nights really.  I'm thankful I live in a relatively wealthy area at times like this - times of unrest and generally uncomfortable goings on.

London burnt this week - my new home, where I work, the city which I've fallen in love with again and I'm angry that it's been taken over by mindless idiots with nothing better to do.  I was brought up to respect people and property, always say please, and thank bus drivers when you get off!  I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would think it's acceptable to smash up someone's shop/home, burn peoples' livelihoods to the ground and walk away without a care in the world.  The closest the rioting/looting got to me was Wood Green (15 mins up the road) which was completely ransacked apart from, ironically, a shop called Loot that was untouched.  The morons who casually looted JD Sports (and had the audacity to try trainers on outside for size) should expect a knock on their door anytime soon.  Then Camden, my old stomping ground, under siege it seems.

Like I said, Crouch End is quiet and hopefully the rest of London is too.  Maybe all the idiots will stay in tonight, posting their lootings on ebay, bragging about what they got on Twitter...that sort of thing.  Carry on children.....but be prepared for the consequences. 

Middle aged women everywhere - prepare to hyper-ventilate.  While the capital was in chaos, I was blissfully unaware of so much of it except for the odd text message asking if things were ok.  Monday was my long-awaited night out at the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley, at an Adam Ant event.  Such a great location and just up the road.  Two films were shown - some old footage from a 1981 gig in Japan and this year's Hyde Park performance.  The films were followed by a Q&A session with the man himself, who came across as intelligent, interesting and witty.  It was interesting to see such a variety of types of people there - everyone from original Adam & the Ant fans and people from bands, to people from the 60s/mod scene.  It seems he appeals to everyone, even after all these years.  Mr Ant finished off the night with an acoustic set, with songs across the board from the obvious Goody Two Shoes and Ant Music to Wonderful which I'd never heard before but which was beautiful.  He threw in a couple of T-Rex tracks which will please my Mum who would have been in her element - Adam Ant AND Marc Bolan - eh Mum????  Mr Ant - you are indeed wonderful in every way - stay happy.

Off for a cup of tea & a cold shower.  Cheerio.

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