Sunday, 15 July 2012

Back in the Summer of 69.....

it was probably a darn sight better Summer than it is in 2012!  You can blame my lack of blog updates on the weather...still.  My flowery mac has become my best friend and I've spent more time in the flat than is healthy. 

On one of the very few dry days we had, myself and a visiting swedish friend went on a "Back in the Day" Walk.  These are walks around different areas of London, which concentrate on music, culture etc. in Soho, Brixton or Lambeth.  We chose the "Soho - Roots of the Swinging 60s" walk (strangely enough!).  Barrie Evans who runs the walks was a teenager in Soho in the 60s, frequented the "hip" clubs back then and met his now wife (if I remember rightly) at The Flamingo Club in Wardour Street.  The walk takes in sites of once great clubs, coffee bars, comedy venues....along streets you'll know well but down others you might not even know Ham Yard, behind a dodgy restaurant!  It was a great afternoon and I'd recommend spending a couple of hours with Barrie and his stories.

We checked out a restaurant that I'd heard about but not eaten in after we'd walked round Soho that afternoon - the mexican Wahaca on Wardour Street -  This could well be one of my "new favourite places to eat".  Really interesting food, huge portions, and good prices.  I had a burrito filled with feta, courgette and cactus, followed by caramel salted ice-cream.  It's a huge place so you shouldn't have any problem getting a table.  Aside from the food - the toilets are bizarre!  Just check them out and you'll see what I mean.  I'll be back for Mojitos next time.

Today, another rare sunny day in London, we went to Soho Festival.  As last year, a strange but fun afternoon consisting of jugs of Pimms, a spaghetti eating competition, puppet shows and random Soho characters.  Proceeds help Soho's elderly residents apparently.  One day, perhaps I'll be an elderly Soho resident but without the stories that probably come with being one.  The French House followed where we watched the world go by over a bottle of Meteor white beer, and finishing off at Pollo for way too much food that is sensible for ladies trying to watch their weight.

So lovely Frock Fans...unfortunately that's the best I can muster up until the weather improves.  Next weekend - the Sebastian Horsley exhibition a Viktor Wynd, and a barbecue.

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