Sunday, 16 September 2012

When your boobs head South....

It's my birthday this week.  I'll be 46.  This is a scary thought.  46 is closer to 50 than 40, and that is well and truly middle-age.  Age is just a number I tell myself but I'd prefer that number to be 30 if truth be known!  Looking forward to hot flushes, Tena Lady and a free bus pass but in the meantime.......

Dear Catastrophe Waitress continues.  September meant Scandi Music special and an excuse to basically resurrect  Sweden Made Me for one night only.  Grateful to the Scandi Kitchen girlies for coming along and dancing lots.  You know it's all going to be ok when drunk swedish girls turn up.  Next month: 90s special.  I will be knotting up my hair, getting out that oversized "slippy shoulder" stripy jumper and re-piercing my nose in celebration. 

Thursday saw my pre-birthday day out with Mum.  Mum who seems to know London better than her daughter I might add!  We had lunch on a "party" boat at Embankment - The Tattershall Castle.  Cheap & cheerful on a beautiful sunny day.  Not so much fun at any other time I suspect.  I felt a bit seasick and it was moored!  Visions of what goes on at night after several pints are not pleasant.

Off to Tate Britain after a goats cheese baguette.

I'd wanted to get to the "Another London" photo exhibition for weeks and we managed to sneak in just before it closed any time now.  Really enjoyed the photos which are of 1930s to 1980s London.  Particularly love the photo of the perhaps homeless boyish-looking teenage girl holding a kitten and a sleeping bag, which has been used as the face of the exhibition.  We hoped she knew she was famous for a few weeks because of this and wondered what her story was. 

Went for a nice touristy walk after the Tate - past Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Horseguards Parade.  When you live in London, you only do the tourist thing when people visit.  I'm thinking I should do it more.  I'm secretly impressed with my photo on the right.  Only taken on my mobile phone, it's come out well.  Finishing off with ice-cream in Trafalgar Square, tourist pre-birthday day was done.

Yesterday was a sunny Saturday in Soho sort of a day.  Thank you Miss Warren for a fab-tastic lunch in my favourite "cheap as chips" cafe' in Berwick Street, the Mediterranean.  Rose', Spicy Sausage Salad, Cheese Borek, Banoffee Pie & Cappucino - Job well done!  The French House next.  I have yet to see any of these famous folk that apparently frequent it but I live in hope!  Finishing off at The Ship where we did a ton of catching up and putting the world to rights, and a bit of people watching.  Every Saturday should consist of these things.

Blog done.  I'm heading 'up North to the Toon next weekend.  Hopefully I will have some tales to tell upon my return.

Think of me on Wednesday when I hit 46 folks.  My boobs will never be the same again.....

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