Sunday, 7 October 2012

I'm just another Glory Boy.....

The title of today's ramblings obviously relates to Secret Affair.  I'm not a Glory Boy...whatever one of those might be.  The song though actually means a lot and takes me back to a time a long time ago, in a different place in the world than I am now.  Surely every teenager into the mod scene, stuck in the countryside with no means of escape, must have related to it.

Wednesday saw the launch night for Gary Bushell's "Time for Action" book, the title of which pretty much tells you what it's about - the Mod Revival.  I wish I could tell you how great (or otherwise) it is but I'm cheap and didn't buy a copy.  Lots of mod revival band folk in attendance although I wouldn't recognise too many of them these days.  I'll ramble about the mod revival instead......

I was only 14 or so when bands like The Chords, Secret Affair and the like appeared.  I was introduced to them by parka-wearing folk who went to school with me.  Through them, I started to go to "discos' at a very young age in my nearest little town - discos that were pretty much made for us - all two tone, mod revival & motown.  Older mods came from miles away and we had a nice little scene going for us.  I started buying up clothes from jumble sales & charity shops and was the only person in my village in ski-pants and anoraks!  I remember one time in particular when I had to get a lift home from a jumble sale as I had so many rubbish sacks full of suede coats, dresses etc.  Oh for those days again!  As I've mentioned many a time I'm sure, I went to see Secret Affair in Chippenham Golddiggers of all places and I guess the rest was history.....I progressed to "proper" mod clubs, bought a Lambretta, blah blah blah. 

For nostalgic reasons, I'm going to relive my teenage years again in November when Secret Affair and The Lambrettas play in town.  Concerned about the crowd and too much of "We are the Mods" but I'll sing along to every song, guaranteed.

Another nostalgia trip last night when we had a local night out and went to see Jaime Harding do an acoustic set in Muswell Hill.  Sigh - Jaime Harding - the once beautiful lead singer of Marion.  Drug problems and near death obviously take their toll but the voice is still there.  By the time he'd decided to do his set, we'd pretty much lost interest so didn't catch it all.  Good to see that he's getting better and doing gigs again.  I doubt Marion will ever reform but at least he's getting there.

Interested to see if my European readers will check in this weekend.  One day I'll write something they may be interested in......*wink*.  In the meantime, I'm off to give the Jeremy Kyle show a call.

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