Sunday, 5 May 2013

Soho Days, Soho Nights....

Slighty distracted from writing todays ramblings by "Snog, Marry, Avoid" and a pink-haired camp child from Brighton called Danny Go Go.  Concentrate woman!

Hello May.  Hello sunshine.  Oh how I've missed you.

Dear Catastrophe Waitress' April night went well.  Lots of good tunes and lots of folk dancing which pleases me greatly.  Celeb visitor of the night was Sean from 5ive.  Pretty sure no-one recognised him apart from me and the drunk boy who called him Scott.  Drunk boy, return to 5ive school immediately!  Who will come next time I wonder?  Suggestions on a postcard.

A new experience for me on Tuesday - going to the cinema on my own.  A year after I donned a ridiculous wig and made a prat of myself in Soho on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the King of Soho finally came out (although now for some bizarre reason called The Look of Love).  Luckily for me, I didn't see myself nor the bad wig in the film.  Unsure what I thought of it really - the film not the wig.  Interesting to know more about Paul Raymond, his entourage and what became of them all, but I found it very bitty (not a surprise really after the continuity issues on the day of filming) with way too many naked women and scenes of cocaine snorting.  Once you've seen one set of boobs, you've seen them all surely?  Glad I went regardless and glad I did my extra work that day - I won't forget it.

Thursday saw another Carnaby Street "grab all the freebies and run" evening.  Oh how we love them. I've blogged about these evenings before but the amount of free alcohol never ceases to amaze me.  5 mins after arriving, we were handed a fair sized mini bottle of champagne which couldn't have been cheap, followed by Kopparbergs, followed by more champagne, followed by god knows what else.  Looking forward to more of them in the summer.  Always fun.  Off to Camden after, to see The Prime Movers at The Blues Kitchen.  A good night and good to see some old friends.

Finally for this week, today was a superb, sunny, Soho Sunday and you know how much I like those.  An amazing lunch at Scandinavian Kitchen ( - scrummy salads, scrummy cake and good coffee.  Definitely recommended folks.  Lovely people & lovely fresh food.  What's not to like?  A very civilised couple of glasses of rose' at The French House after.  I love people watching in this place & imagining what everyone does or did, and wondering how many people in there knew Paul Raymond (see previous paragraph).  Bar Italia after for people watching, coffee & martini.  No sign of their regulars Paul Weller, Bradley Wiggins etc. but we did see Louis Theroux so he'll do for today.

Enjoy the sunshine lovely readers x

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