Sunday, 4 August 2013

Crayfish times....

Happy August!

It's been a while (again) but as I'm sure you don't want to hear about what I've watched on tv or where I've been working, I've been quiet on the old blogging front.

Since the last ramblings, I (along with a few thousand more people) managed to get my sticky mitts on a free ticket to see Elvis Costello & Ray Davies in Hyde Park last month.  Originally to be headlined by Elton John (who later cancelled), it was a fairly civilised affair, with nice toilets etc.  As much as I enjoyed seeing most of Elvis Costello's set and Ray Davies doing the classics, the evening was rather ruined by the rucksack contingent (one of my most hated things as my close friends will know) and drunk over 50s acting more ridiculous than any teenagers that were there.  WOO YEAH...GO DORIS......WASN'T THIS RAY BLOKE IN SOME BAND OR OTHER BACK IN THE DAY?  Aargghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Enough said.  I do like a freebie though as you know, and there were probably worse things I could be doing than sitting in a sunny park in London on a Friday night.

The end of July meant finally I could return to my beloved Stockholm....this time my beloved VERY SUNNY different than my last trip in April when there was still snow on the ground and I nearly got trench foot from the constant rain and water in my shoes!

No apartment for us this time but instead a budget hotel called The Alexandra in Soder.  If anyone is particularly interested in my feelings about the hotel, feel free to read my Trip Advisor review here  A perfect location - 10 mins to my favourite haunts - hence saving money on travel during the week.  A past review had apparently said the hotel customers were "dangerous".  I'd use the word "special" but that's another story.  Breakfast was always an interesting experience to say the least.  Think League of Gentlemen (but in German) and you'd know what I mean.

So, lovely Stockholm.....What did we do?  What did we see?  How many crayfish salads did we eat?  All exciting stuff I'm sure.

Day 1:  Cafe' String, Carmen, Mosebacke Terrassen (with the BEST view over Soder), finishing up in my new favourite place - Garlic & Shots Downstairs Bar.

Day 2:  Vintage Shops, Louie Louie, Debaser Utservering, Garlic & Shots Downstairs Bar!!!

Day 3:  Loppen nr. Kungstradgarden (excuse spelling) where Diane bought someone's Gran's beautiful vintage jewellery, dodging the sudden thunderstorm, an evening at the mod club "Club Hide & Go Seek" where we caught up with old friends and made new ones, had a dance, and enjoyed the view by the water.  Diane waved at sailors on a boat leaving the dock....I knew they were real ones and not gay Diane!!!!  Finishing up at Garlic & Shots Downstairs Bar (yep I should be on commission) where the dj played Crazy Horses to a room full of teenage metallers!

Day 4:  Coffee at the Abba owned Hotel Rival, Mariatorget, and a tourist boat trip which was huge amounts of fun. By the end of the hour long trip, the swedish announcer lady had obviously run out of things to tell everyone about and started repeating herself....practically finishing up with "and on the right is where my Mum lives - she has a cat you know".  I'd never fancied doing the tourist thing before but guys, you have to try the Hop On, Hop Off Boat trip for 100kr at Slussen!  Finishing up with coffee & a veggie meal at Hermans Restaurant....which, once again is a lovely location and a nice end to the day....when we didn't end up in the Garlic & Shots Downstairs Bar.

Day 5:  We got sick....after meeting Helena for lunch.....yes sick!

Day 6:  We came home.  We did make a friend on the plane in the way of the air steward but nothing much to report on day 6.  We also made a friend in the way of the air steward on the way out too.  Air stewards like us.

With that, I'd now better find some suitable photos to post on here.  I love you Stockholm...thanks for a nice trip.....Ses Snart!

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