Sunday, 3 November 2013

Newcastle & Northern Soul.....

Happy Movember folks!  Once again, I personally won't be growing any facial hair this month but good luck to you that are...hope you raise a ton of money.

Last weekend saw a trip up North via the wonder that is the Megabus, to Newcastle (£12.50 return I'll have you know and that includes a booking fee).  I'd love to be able to visit my Northern friends more often but work and other things get in the way too much these days. 

After 7 hours on the bus, I was famished so a trip to the Sky Apple Vegetarian Cafe' was very welcome.  I've mentioned this little cafe' before I think but here's a link for anyone that might be interested in checking it out.  We managed three courses like the food heroes we are and I'll look forward to visiting next time I'm in Newcastle.  From what I've seen, Sky Apple gets pretty busy so book a table if you're going later in the evening.

On Friday, the heavens opened, Louise's dome umbrella died a death, and my new desert boots leaked.  We braved the vintage shops and had a bargain lunch before heading back to dry off for a few hours.  Man about town & near neighbour, Bob Stanley (he of St Etienne and many a BBC3 appearance) was djaying at my old club, Pop Klubb, in the evening.  Really proud of what the club has achieved and the fact it's still going strong 7 years on.  I will never forget that hilarious first night with Your Favourite Question playing a gig to probably 20 people (and the look on their faces when we walked into that funny old social club to soundcheck that day).

On Saturday, the sun came out and we headed to Tynemouth for a nosey round the flea market (which I love!) and a few shops.  The flea market is fantastic - everything from cupcakes to Nazi memorabilia (yes really) and you can come home with a few bargains.  I couldn't resist (another) new handbag.  Well it would be rude not to wouldn't it?  To Whitley Bay afterwards, for vintage shops and a (half-hearted) vintage tea-room.  I won't write a bad review of it quite yet as they'd only just opened but if I return next year and see it's still full of Cath Kidston, I will be having words.

I'm hoping that next time I visit, it'll be warmer, longer days and we can go to the coast again.  It really is the most beautiful part of the world, with long sandy beaches, tea-rooms lost in time and fresh air.

Saturday night saw a trip to the "That Beat 'n' Rhythm Soul Club" at the same venue as Pop Klubb, Retreat.  What a fantastic night they have going there.  We arrived at 8.30 and the place was practically full, with a full dancefloor too.  Really great tunes and some old favourites of mine, which meant I got to dance for once.  If nothing else, I would recommend going purely to watch the 12 year old dj dance!  He's an absolute star, mature way beyond his years and can out-dance anyone in that place.  I'll be returning just as soon as I can.

From North to South....this weekend I did a "Wiltshire visit".  Unfortunately due to being overloaded with work, I didn't get to experience the village coffee morning nor get a walk down to the church (where I still feel uneasy since the ghost incident) but I did eat lots of good food and get to spend time with my Gran.  Animal fans - I missed the friendly hedgehog but saw two horses.  Yes, that's the limit of Rushall news for you. 

With that, I'll love you & leave you with....with the news I'm getting a cat!!!  Watch this space.

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