Sunday, 20 April 2014

Greetings from the Easter Bunny....

Happy Easter folks!

It's been a while, the clocks have changed, the sun is (occasionally) out and there's been lots going on.

Back in March we went to the Bare Groove Northern Soul night down the road in the Earl Haig Hall.  A busy night with lots of dancing, which is rare these days.  I hope they keep these nights going - it was packed out and obviously a popular option for a Crouch End night out.  Makes sense don't you think Earl Haig?

15/16 March saw the Classic Car Boot Sale back at the Southbank.  The one day last year now increased to a whole weekend.  It's a great day out even if you don't buy anything.  Lots of lovely old cars & scooters, great music from the djs playing on top of the open-top double decker bus and good food/drink.....and obviously great for photo opportunities/people watching.  I didn't buy anything this time round but my BEAUTIFUL £5 candy-stripe 60s dress from last year made up for that!

Back to Wiltshire at the beginning of April for my Gran's 91st birthday.  Ventured to the village coffee morning, chatted to a young lady vicar (good for her I say!) and got a book on Victorian photography for the bargain price of 50p.  The country is good for things like that!

We got to see the beautiful "How we used to Live" film at the Curzon in Soho this week....colour footage from times gone by, with a soundtrack by St Etienne.  A stunning film with footage I'd never seen before.  With all the film that's out there, that's quite unusual these days.  If you're interested in old footage, London, or both, try and go and see it.

Up-to-date now with this weekend's goings on.  Yesterday was Record Store Day.  Yes yes folks, I know we're in England and we have Shops not Stores!  I was quite surprised by comments on Twitter that some people weren't aware it was happening or what it was.  Different lives and all that.  I wasn't so surprised that people had been camping out on the streets of London all night in none too warm conditions - more surprised that lots of those people had been camping out for a limited edition Ghostbusters fluorescent 45!!!!

Soho was more packed than you can possibly imagine but everything seemed pretty well controlled, the sun was out and the Elvis dancers (as I call them) were out so all was well with the (Soho) world.  I watched The Soho Hobo (a.k.a Tim Arnold, a.k.a Kat Slater's boyfriend) while I was waiting for friends and I was impressed.  Might try and catch him again at some point.  Lunch at one of my favourite places, the Mediterranean Cafe', and then off to find space of some sort to watch Adam Ant do a few songs.  Despite the buggies & small children (possibly not the best day out for toddlers eh parents?), we managed to find a good spot and saw Mr Ant do 6 or 7 songs....some from Dirk Wears White Sox and some covers.  I cannot believe that man is going to be 60 this year.  Nuff said.

Finishing off the day with some drinks & big chips in The Swan in Hammersmith where we tried our best not to throw things at Keith Lemon & decided someone needs to invent a shazam type app for famous people you recognise but can't remember the name of - in this case, someone not as famous as I thought, Mark Ellis.  Finally, after months of waiting, to the Apollo to see Mr Ant do Dirk Wears White Sox from start to finish.  Marvellous it was too.....or as Simon puts it, "tasty".  A great value gig with not only the album but obviously lots of other classics too......well done hubby, you played a blinder.

With that, I'm signing go and eat some chocolate or a bun.  I'll leave you with a photo!

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