Monday, 5 July 2010

I heart Soho....and more

This summer seems to be the busiest ever.  All good but fitting everything in is proving difficult.

I was hoping to be able to write about lovely indiepop things in this blog but Saturday night went down the pan.  Never mind......was obviously not meant to be!

It was the Race for Life event this weekend.  Brighton station was a mass of pink t-shirts yesterday.  I saw one particularly lovely thing that I wished I'd taken a picture of - a lady with a card on her back that said "I'm running for myself as I survived".  Fantastic, and surely what this is all well as obviously remembering those who didn't survive.

Soho was calling again yesterday so on a whim, off to London I went.  No room for small people and prams in Bar Italia this time but we went back to my newly found gem, the Mediterranean Restaurant on Berwick Street.  I love this place and am recommending it to everyone!  £7.50 for two courses of yumminess.  Not the smartest of places and you might not even notice it from the street but the food is great!  Halloumi salad starter, and grilled salmon main - wasn't I good?

I wish I could tell you I did lots of cultural things yesterday or shopping, or at least spied a good celeb or two...but in all honesty, all we did was eat & drink.  Baby in tow was a good excuse & who's complaining?  Pattisserie Valerie next.  As I was having a good "don't eat all the pies" type of a day, I just had a milkshake but cakes are on the menu for next time.....all that'd be rude not to.

Still on a food note...I was happy to see The Stockpot was still open on Old Compton Street.  I was sure this had closed down before.  Love, love, love The Stockpot.  Nothing special on the food front but cheap & cheerful, and great punters.  I used to go to the one on the Kings Road regularly and would see Holly Johnson without fail every single time.  I think this place has been around since the 50s and nothing much has changed from what I can tell.  Vintage lasagne too no doubt!

.........and just because I like it, here's a pic of a hairdressers window in Kingley Street, just off Carnaby Street.  Am wondering if this is the place that Ian Earl of Ealing visits.  Perhaps he'll tell me.

Soho done.....this week is unfortunately not a good nor exciting one.  Two dental appointments (which my friends will know fear me with dread) and a meeting at work on Friday which will determine our fate as an office.  Expect moaning, groaning and tears in my next blog.....or perhaps not as I'm off to Newcastle on Saturday.  Swings & Roundabouts!

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