Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Selling my soul

Let the job-hunting commence!

Although I can't go anywhere until October, I've started to look around on the job boards & agency websites for a suitable new role for me in London.

Gone are the days I can work for £25k in a fun, casual, media-type role.  Instead it's looking like I will indeed have to sell my soul to the City, put on a suit & go into professional mode in order to make a decent living.

It's been a long, long time since I've even considered wearing a suit to work.  I'd be laughed at here if I put so much as a smart shirt on I'm sure.  I'm used to flexi hours, access to Facebook & a fridge full of whatever my heart desires.  I'm ready for the change though (I think).  I will put my best RADA training into practice and look all interested when Hedge Funds and the FTSE 100 are mentioned (oh god, my stomach is actually churning at the thought).

I honestly can't remember the last professional type company I worked for.  It was probably my first job in an Accountants in Wiltshire though which was the grounding for all my future jobs and a company to which I'm very grateful for giving me that start at 17.  I was there for 10 years and worked my way up from Office Junior to Senior P/A and gained the experience to flee the sticks and move to London that first time.   I think I did wear smartish clothes to start with but by the end of my 10 year stint there, I was wearing stripy tights, had a pierced nose and dreadlocks down to my backside.  They put up with a lot and it was probably a good thing that I left for the smoke when I did! this space lovely blog-readers.....there will be plenty for me to write about I'm sure.  I'm still hoping for that fun, creative job that pays over the £35k that I need (& want) but I'm not holding my breath and am going out to purchase a suit in readiness at the weekend.

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