Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Start, New Frocks

It's been one hell of a long time coming but I am back, feeling totally rejunvinated, with a new home, a new job and a clear head.

Home is now a beautiful flat with a beautiful view in Crouch End, land of bakeries, people off the telly box and babies.  For someone who quite adamantly said they would NEVER come back to London, the move has been successful and sadly, Brighton seems a long time ago now.  I think I'll go back one day in the future, one day when jobs pay more than £18k and when I am sick of public transport again.

So, Frock fans, I don't quite know how often I'll update this but I'll do my best!  I'll start with goings on from this weekend and we'll see how it goes. 

I've been lucky enough to move to a part of London where people have an interest in all things vintage and little markets/shops pop up all over the place, several times a month.  They must have known I was coming!  Yesterday started off to a visit to a little Pop Up Shop called Curiosity Cabinet in Avenue Mews.  If you can get there before it possibly closes in a couple of weeks, definitely do.  A fascinating little shop with something for everyone I'm sure. Not a huge place but lots to look at in a small space. I spotted a dress which unusually fitted my weird shape and here it is:

The Curiosity Cabinet is a little venture from the lovely Can't Buy Me Love folk which leads me nicely on to my next stop off on a rainy Saturday.  Can't Buy Me Love hold gorgeous vintage markets in The Boogaloo on Archway Road in Highgate.  I've been a few times and love it.  When it's warm enough the courtyard opens up and the inside room has lots of great stalls with everything from clothes to household items, and the best cake stall I've ever been lucky enough to buy from.  I stupidly forgot to take pics but would recommend the blueberry cake.  I'm not sure how long CBML has been running but they know their stuff and obviously really love what they do.  Definitely check it out as prices are good and there's something for everyone.  The next one is Saturday 26 March when unfortunately I'll be away so have a slice of cake for me!

Yesterday afternoon was a long-anticipated and awaited visits to The Icecreamists ice-cream parlour in Covent Garden.  I'm positive I don't need to say too much about this place as the press has just gone MENTAL in the last week, all due to the Baby Gaga breast milk ice-cream.  I'm a funny so and so and instead of being shocked, was actually fascinated by the idea of it.  Unfortunately the Gaga had sold out but it's on my list for next time.  Mothers donate the milk and it's screened before used but I'm sure they have lots of willing volunteers who get paid for their "time".  Anyway, I digress....I'd suggest everyone visit this place as an afternoon treat.  Do not expect £3 cones with flakes, this is high class ice-cream!!!!  Myself & 3 friends all had the £12 very alcoholic ice-cream cocktails to start with.  This is the "Priscilla Cream of the Desert" (I think), dosed with cream liqueur and A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

and one of us, who obviously has a larger stomach than the rest of us (!!!!) went for the Firebomb which has 80 per cent proof vodka and 3 week steeped chilli in it.  It's set alight at the table and takes the skin off the back of your throat but is sooooo worth it:

I finished off a wet old day with a lovely walk round Soho, stopping off at my most favourite Soho shop - Gerrys Wines & Spirits in Old Compton Street.  I could spend hours looking their window.  Hey, one day I might even buy something.  (I wonder how Alison & Jimi are feeling today after their purchase!)

My god, I can certainly ramble.  Bye Frock Fans, it's time for lunch x

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