Monday, 7 March 2011

Today I am mostly writing about clothes & food!

Another weekend gone in the blink of an eye.  So much going on in this part of the world that I hardly have time to do grown up stuff like cleaning & grocery shopping anymore.  Thank goodness for online supermarkets.  Maybe I should hire a home help to deal with the other issue!

Saturday started off at the little pop up vintage fair in The Railway Tavern in Crouch End...a mere 5 mins from the house so always worth looking at.  It's a tiny room so don't expect hours of rummaging or anything of that sort but there are a few stalls there that caught my eye.  Only the odd 1 or 2 60s items so no purchases for me this time but I did see this lovely jacket:

Back to my new favourite cafe' for lunch.  Scandinavian Kitchen in Great Titchfield Street ( is just lovely!  Expect a smorgasbord which you can choose from and cakes to die for.  For anyone who hasn't tried one before, semlor are a must!  Perhaps I should find a recipe so I can make my own and not have to wait for this time of year before I can get my fix.  Scandinavian Kitchen are now doing Sunday Brunch and it's fab!  I had the veggie option last time as I can't face pickled herrings but maybe one day soon, I'll be big & brave.  Here are some pics of nicely arranged food for you:

Had a little trip to a pub called The French House in Soho after cake consumption and very nice it was too.  Lovely little old fashioned place with walls covered in black & white pics of film stars and actors/actresses.  I liked the weird mix of old folk, tv folk and hipster folk.  I will return!

Was looking forward to great vintage buys at The Bloomsbury Vintage Fair on Sunday but was disappointed this time round.  I did find one lovely dress which you will either like or hate immensely but the majority of stalls there this time were full of what I would call 80s tat.  A real shame as the last one I went to was packed to the gills with interesting pieces.  Perhaps there was something good on telly on Sunday as the fair was a lot quieter than previously too.  I'll go back but perhaps in a couple of months when the 80s clothes have been binned through lack of interest!  My purchase is below:

I finished off my Sunday goings on (after lunch at The Goodfare of course!) with the Wills Moody Jumble Sale.  The jumbly is on the 1st Sunday in every month, in a little social club off Eversholt Street in between Camden & Euston.  I'm a big fan of social clubs.  They're an establishment we desperately need to keep hold of.  I thought you could only find them 'up North these days but oh no!  I love everything about them from the lonely little old men who spend their lives in them to the entertainment.  Think someone wearing a bad fitting wig in their 70s playing a hammond organ, or this:

See you at the Bacon & Cabbage Dinner Dance.  The porky scratchings are on me!

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  1. thanks for the swedish cafe tip, will definitely sample. Bacon and Cabbage dance sounds like a must event! :)