Monday, 28 March 2011

Lazing on a sunny afternoon....

As time goes on, I'm realising that perhaps the title of my blog is misleading as I don't think I've mentioned a single frock in weeks!

This weekend the clocks went forward which means lots of shenanigans in the evenings hopefully.  I will report back!

Saturday saw one of my regular trips back to my old homestead, Brighton.  Strangely, I still don't have any pangs or sadness that I've left....but it's still nice to go back every few weeks.  I visited a nice little craft fayre in Fabrica called Brighton Craftaganza.  I was expecting the same old tosh if I'm honest - jars of stuff no-one wants, candles that look like they've seen better days, that sort of thing, but it proved to be a pleasant surprise.  I put it down to the fact that younger people are now knitting, sewing, patchworking etc.  No longer Nannas that knit!  Lots of lovely things I wanted but couldn't afford at this time in the month, so close yet so far from payday.  I really wanted this, but it wasn't for sale.  Such a sad face.

And for Kinks fans, last night saw the launch of Peter Quaife's book, Veritas.  The launch took place in The Clissold Arms in East Finchley & where better place?  It was the first time I'd ever been to the pub, although obviously I knew all about it.  Although now a gastro pub it seems, there's still fantastic Kinks memorabilia everywhere.  I'm sure Peter would have been chuffed that so many of his friends, relatives & fans turned out for the launch.  His brother Dave's speech brought a tear to my eye but the night was definitely one of celebration rather than any sadness.  The best part of the night was the Kinks singalong around a Bontempi organ.  The sound in the pub was amazing and I actually thought the Crouch End Choir had turned up before I saw what was actually going on!  I raise a glass to you Mr Quaife!

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  1. My mum has one of those dogs on wheels, with a red frame! He has a slightly cheerier face but is considerably more battered and threadbare. He is stuffed with straw and she has had him since she was a child! x