Monday, 18 April 2011

My previous life as a sex worker.....

I may have mentioned this before but I'm positive I was either a gay man or a sex worker in a previous life (or maybe both!).  I have a fascination with Soho & more specifically, sleazy Soho.  I feel more comfortable there than anywhere else in London and as I'm neither gay nor a sex worker in this life, I can only think I was once before!  I'm hoping that with the onset of lighter, warmer evenings, I'll be spending more time there - not perusing the adult shops but watching the world go by outside various drinking establishments.

I've joined the Society Film Club and I'm looking forward to many a night at the Sanctum Hotel.  Organised by Robert Pereno (once married to the so called wild child Emma Ridley), it's advertised as
the first independent members only film Club in Soho.  Films in the past few weeks have included Jubilee, Beat Girl and tonight, The Lost Weekend.  I was sorry to have missed out on what sounds like an amazing night watching Jubilee but was happy to have seen Beat Girl last week.  The films are shown in a room not too much bigger than my lounge and there's a feeling of being part of something quite underground.  Beat Girl completely sold out and the place was full of people who I imagine had amazing stories to tell - authors, actors etc, and Adam Ant!  Cathi Unsworth introduced the film and she reminded me how great "Sounds" was and how I met some of my oldest & best friends through it.  We got given a copy of her book "Bad Penny Blues" and I will report back on that at some point in the future. 

Lovely Bar Italia - a place that has such a lovely feel about it that it played a small part in my decision to move back to London.  It's amazing to think it's been open for around 70 years and is probably more popular now than it's ever been.  I love sitting outside in Frith Street watching the world go by and keeping one eye on Ronnie Scotts just incase I get an A list celebrity spot!  It's the perfect location really - over the road from The French House, round the corner from Pollo and a few steps away from that funny little coffee shop and AMAZING alcohol shop that fascinate me so much!  Bar Italia, I will be back sooner than you can say tiramisu.

Have had quite a civilised week really & am hoping for more of those.  The weekend finished off nicely with a little stroll round Primrose Hill and a glass of rose'.  When I win the lottery, expect to see me sitting on my balcony up there - after I've sorted out the properties in Stockholm & Brighton of course. 

Now...get out of here, you jiving scum x

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