Sunday, 10 April 2011

A VERY sunny Saturday

It's been a freakishly warm weekend - a weekend warm enough to leave the house without sleeves!  I won't go on about the weather however (ooh that rhymes) incase I tempt fate!

Yesterday was Tweed Run, something I'd been looking forward to for what seems like forever! This was the third Tweed Run held in London and it's basically an excuse to ride vintage bicycles around the tourist spots, dressed in tweed (obviously - hence the name!). As much as I would have loved to join in the dressing up and riding of bikes, I wouldn't fancy my chances on London's streets, having not ridden a bike since I was 12!

Everyone had obviously made a huge effort to look the part and if riders don't usually dress in the styles of the day, they did well searching out authentic items in readiness.  After seeing all the lovely photos that are floating around today, it seems Ewan McGregor took part too and he looked amazing.

It proved quite difficult finding out where Tweed Run started from but the organisers suggested good viewing spots along the way.  We headed to Trafalgar Square and just caught the riders going by.  I was hoping that they'd be stopping off there for photo opportunities but no joy on that front.  The photos I'll include here were about the best I could manage.

I finished off a sunny afternoon with a glass of rose' outside The French House.  Definitely one of my favourite little pubs - no idiots, no mobile phone conversations, and the aroma of gorgeous food coming from the restaurant upstairs.  Who wants to come and sample the menu with me?

Last night I resurrected Lipgloss.  I will say no more other than Lipgloss R.I.P!

Have a spiffing rest of the weekend x

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