Sunday, 3 June 2012

You can't beat a good launch.....

Happy Jubilee Day folks....and of course you m'am....knowing you'll be reading this before heading out on a boat with the corgis.

Free Thursday struck again this week - 3 royal cheers for that!  It was an exercise in itself trying to figure out what things to go to, which we could fit in, and which we unfortunately had to forego.  This week alone there was the usual favourite of Carnaby Street discount night, an exhibition at our friends The Society Club Shop, an exhibition at Proud Camden and a night at Signal Gallery.  Too much to do, too little time.

First stop - the launch of the Icecreamists book "Vice Cream".  Greeted at the door with apple vodka cocktails, which were completely delicious, and continuing with raspberry concoctions and prosecco.  Thank you ice-cream folk - a very nice start to a Thursday evening indeed.  I finally sampled the Lady Goo Goo....breast milk ice-cream.  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea (or ice-cream) but I'm open to a lot of things and it was as good as anticipated.  It reminded me of those bottles of milk you got given as a small in primary school.  I will be trying the Vice Lolly (made with holy water and in the shame of a green pistol) next time round!

Off to the launch of the A to Z of Mod book at the Fred Perry shop next.  Well done Messrs. Baxter and Hewitt for getting such a crowd together.  Nice tunes, courtesy of Dave & Smiler, nice (but slightly warm) cider and lovely folk to chat to.  Phil Daniels & Gary Crowley in attendance.

Final stop - Trishas in Greek Street.  I've heard about this place many a time as friends have been going there for years.  A little cellar bar, behind a door I will probably never find again, full of old photos and with tons of Soho history.  I think it's probably only wine, beer or poncey stuff like prosecco....but it's welcoming, interesting and I will return....if I can find that door!  Dave - where was it again?????

Jubilee Weekend & sadly for her royal ladyness.....probably a wash out.  While the sun came out briefly yesterday, we headed to Newburgh Street for their little street party.  Free strawberries & cream, non-alcoholic fruit cocktails, pimms (if you were quick!) & chocolate.  We watched a rockabilly band, queued for a piece of the humungous chockywockydoodah jubilee cake, cut by Russell Grant (complete with crown) and a giant drag queen reminiscent of the amazing Leigh Bowery and had a lovely time with the mod folk.

So that dear frock fans is it for today.  If you're doing Jubilee type things, enjoy, fill your boots and take a brolley.  

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