Sunday, 27 May 2012

And....we're back in the game!

Fear not Frock fans....I have returned!  After weeks of doing nothing worth writing about, all is back to normal it seems.

The rain ruined so many things and I thought it was never going to stop but there is a weather god thankfully and the sun has shone for the past week.

One of the perks of being self-employed is being able to take time off in the week and this week I have done.  A long lost friend who deserted the UK for the Land of Oz returned for a visit so we caught up over a scrummy lunch in one of my favourite "cheap deal places" - The Mediterranean Cafe' in Berwick Street.  I've probably mentioned it on many an occasion but it deserves it.  Good, cheap food & lovely staff who remember you.  There's always space inside & out, and it's a great people-watching spot.  Bar Italia next.  Not a celeb in sight however.  Guaranteed as soon as we left, Paul Weller or someone equally interesting dropped in.  We headed off to Covent Garden at probably the worst time of the day - finishing work time!  Everywhere was packed and annoying, with the rucksack brigade getting under foot as per usual.  A mojito in Long Acre was well needed.  We finished off at the Burberry Shop discount evening.  Now I'm not a fan of Burberry normally but I would have paid good money for some macs and bags if I'd had it.  The fizz flowed and the canapes kept coming.  If I actually knew what any of them were I would tell you. 

More visiting friends on Friday and more eating, drinking and sunshine antics.  Brick Lane for lunch in Cafe' 1001, a look in the vintage shops, Swedish Orgasm cocktail in Exit, beer garden catch up with yet more visiting friends, Jerk Chicken at the Street Feast food market and a cheeky rose' to finish off at The Bricklayers in Old Street.

It does seem that all I do is eat & drink doesn't it?  It's probably actually true but I'm going out before the sun goes in and the rain starts up again!  Inbetween the eating & drinking, I headed to the Can't Buy Me Love Vintage Market at the Boogaloo yesterday.  It's nice to have the stalls in the courtyard again.  Lots of clothes for sale this time round.  Unfortunately not really my style.  More 60s & 70s frocks please stall-holders.

And finishing off.....Brick Lane again today....on what could well have been the hottest day of the year so far.....for the Art Car Boot Fair.  Lots of stalls with cheap artwork etc by famous folk.  Notable people - Billy Childish, Pam Hogg (looking fantastic)....and Jarvis Cocker wandering around in inappropriate clothing for such a hot day.  I would have liked to see the handbag disco & the Jarv djaying but the heat is too much today for a little pale-skinned creature like myself.

More good stuff going on this week so expect another lot of rambling soon.  Ciao lovelies x

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