Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bye October....

Hello November....and hello long dark days, soggy shoes and crumpets.

It's been a while since I wrote my ramblings down.  Since the last time, the clocks have gone back an hour, I'm back on the Slimfast and I've gone orange on the hair front.  Orange it seems isn't as popular with black women or homeless men as red is....but I like it.

So....what's been going on that I can write about and not get into trouble for.....?

A surprise sudden visit from my Newcastle friends saw a lovely Wednesday in Soho.  Days like these are the reason I chose to go freelance (or one of them).  We went to the now refurbished Photographers Gallery where they had a couple of nice exhibitions on (particularly Tom Wood - Men & Women, and Shoot!) and a odd cat projection in the foyer called "For the LOL of cats".  Thank you Justin for the free entry!  The French House next for a very civilised glass of rose' or two.  I'm not a pub fan but I do like this place - it's quiet, drunk-free, with interesting clientele.  No wonder they chose to film some of "The King of Soho" in there....a proper old boozer at it's best - no pints & no mobile phones (although most people forget that rule!).  Bar Italia after - where we sat outside watching the world go by - one of my most favourite things to do in Soho on any day of the week.  An introduction to Trishas for my friends next.  As I've mentioned a few times, if you really want to experience vintage Soho, this is the place.  Finishing up at Pollo for cheap but cheerful pasta.  Job well done.

Another visiting friend - another trip to Soho, unfortunately this time in the pouring Autumn rain.  The plan was to check out the recently apparently extended Groupies exhibition on Beak Street but it seems hardly any exhibitions at all open on Mondays, much to our annoyance.  Over the road instead to the Penny Slinger exhibition.  A locked door and no sign but we made it past the very uninterested staff and down some craggy old wooden stairs.  Penny Slinger is apparently a surrealist artist.  I don't know what this really means.  I'd describe her work as bizarre or erotic probably.  Definitely not everyone's cup of tea but there were a couple of black & white collage-style 70s pictures I particularly liked.  I must read more about her.  Food consumption that day was thanks to my old favourite The Mediterranean Cafe' on Berwick Street (if you havn't been there yet, why not?) and Bar Italia.

Back to my old haunt of The Sanctum Hotel in Soho on Friday for a viewing of "The Performer", a Ragged Crow film about Robert Pereno  - a complex, fascinating individual.  Robert:  If you're reading this, I hope that description is to your liking!  Appearances from Gaz Mayall, Adam Ant & the lovely Eve Ferret.  The film explains a lot about Robert & his life....and I think I understand him a little bit more after it.  Roof top bar afterwards for a cheeky mojito and a catch up.  In connection with this little trip to the Sanctum, I'm ecstatic to report that the very missed film club is returning on 12 November.  Life just hasn't been the same since it!

Finally, Wills Moody Rock & Roll Jumble Sale has returned too.  No longer called that but instead Jumble Sale at the Lexington.  Who cares what it's called - it's back, there's jumble and bargains, and this makes me happy!

Oh...and finally, thinking of lovely Jonnah this week.  4 years since she took her life in such an awful way and at such a young age.  Miss you Jonnah - RIP sweetie.

Back to my diet of Slimfast and dust....

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