Sunday, 16 December 2012

December doings....

I'm currently in deepest, darkest Wiltshire where I have consumed cheese straws for breakfast & chocolate eclairs for lunch. Yep, that's how I roll.  The Slimfast police are probably en route but I care not.

So...what's been happening? 

I took a trip back to the seaside.  Ah, Brighton, my home for over a decade.  Nothing much changes.  A few new things appear here & there - Tiger on North Street (I'm easily pleased) and Peter Andre's coffee shop (!!!!).....and a fairly new (for me) pub called The North Laine in Gloucester Place, previously The Gloucester.  Pretty impressive as far as space and music go - plenty of room and Northern Soul.  Maybe not quite so impressive as far as service goes - VERY slow and not great choice if I'm honest.  I'm a bit spoilt I guess but it was a nice enough lunch, and good to catch up with the Brighton ladies (and Andy)....and the mulled cider was a winner.  Too dreary to wander round the shops for long so we just had a quick trip to the Heart & Hand longer the pub that I used to be excited about visiting...but ok for old time's sake.  I'm old and fussy perhaps.

While you "cool kids" (a'hem) did other things that night, a few of us went to see Quadrophenia at the (now) Inner Sanctum Film Club (once Society Film Club at The Sanctum Hotel).  Yes, Yes, Yes.....we all know you've seen it a million times (so have I) and we all know there are blatantly obvious inconsistencies in the film but in my mind, it's a classic and admit it or not, it was the reason so many of us got into the mod scene in the first place.  Even if you think the film itself is a bit cheesy (and yes Leslie Ash makes a chronically bad mod girl and Sting is a rubbish dancer), you surely cannot fault the soundtrack.  I still get goose-bumps when it starts.

This month has somehow managed to whizz by at a rate of knotts.  Struggling to fit everything and everyone in.  I took a short trip to Newbury this week, where I was born all those years ago, and where my Mum still lives.  I obviously havn't been for a mighty long time - no more traffic in the town centre, La Tasca, and Peacocks - what on earth?????  Unfortunately I happened to visit on probably the wettest, windiest day ever known to man but I still managed to go to the majority of the hundreds of charity shops that are there - nothing to be found except a full length fake fur coat (for a mere £12!) that was too big, and a gorgeous pair of Clarks shoes that were too small.  Such is life.  I will return on a sunnier day where I will raid those charity shops within an inch of their lives!

and with that....I shall get back to Bargain Hunt and country life.

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