Saturday, 30 March 2013

90 years young....and long lost relatives

It's been nearly a month since I've written anything blog-wise.  Things have been busy - very busy, and I got sick which meant no enthusiasm for rambling about food I've eaten or places I didn't get to due to our rubbish winter.

This winter has been long, vicious and depressing.  Tonight the clocks go forward which will hopefully mean things are looking up.  I want to put the ugly boots away for another year and give the fake fur coat a break.

Tomorrow is a very important day in our family - my lovely Gran who, I might add, has coped with things in her life I never could, reaches the grand age of 90. 

The past few months have been spent organising a family party for her - small in comparison to most of your family parties - but a lot of organising was needed nevertheless.  Food had to be catered for, cakes had to be ordered, invites had to be printed, non-tacky decorations had to be sourced but, most importantly, secrets had to be kept.  My cousins emigrated to the States over 25 years ago and Gran hasn't seem them for perhaps 12 years.  (25 in my case).  She never expected them to be able to come for her party but, behind the scenes, flights had been booked, passports had been got, and the village b&b had been sorted out.  Mrs Blabber Mouth here found it particularly hard not to let anything slip for the past couple of months, especially as said long-lost cousins were staying with me too.  I think Gran is perhaps still in shock about them turning up "out of the blue" in her house on the morning of the party but I know this was the best present anyone could have.

 I know my cousins are expecting me to write a blog about them visiting and yes, Heath & Scott, you were right but don't you worry, I won't mention the lap-dancing clubs or crazy nights out in Soho.  (We didn't do either of these things really).  For my cousins who hadn't been in the UK for so so long, coming back must have been some kind of a culture shock.  We're all grown up now and things aren't the same as when they left.  However, I knew in my heart that they would love being back and they did (didn't you guys?).  I took them to traditional London pubs, to Camden Market which they thought was the best place in the world EVER, we ate chinese, drank funny flavoured cider and I taught them the fine art of haggling with market traders.  They left with cases full of Monster Munch, Strongbow & some great gifts, along with hopefully some good memories.  I have a funny feeling that they will be back again....sometime in the future.  I hope so, there are more markets to explore.

So with that, I will sign off until I return from Stockholm.  I'M GOING ON A HOLIDAY AND I'M EXCITED!!!!!



  1. Cath, you write THE best blogs. I know the boys had a fantastic time with you in London. If they pull up stakes and emigrate back to England, it will all be your fault!

  2. Thank you! Emigration no, but travelling around a bit maybe....and one day, when kids are grown, they should!

  3. Happy 90th Birthday Cath's Gran!

    Lynn XX