Sunday, 3 March 2013

Quick, hold my's a stroller!

Spring has sprung....or at least it seems it has today.  Blue skies, sunshine, sight of Alexandra Palace in the distance.  This has surely been the longest, most vicious winter in a long time so here's hoping we've seen the last of it.

(Would actually help if I changed the first paragraph of my blog when I change the title or it doesn't make sense!!!)

For lots of reasons, which no doubt I'll be rambling about after they've happened, March & April are going to be crazy months.  Crazy good....but crazy busy.  I no longer have any spare time as far as work is concerned, and there are social things that need attending to!  I'm catching up on here now....incase I don't have time later.

There's a new kid on the block - well new-ish.  The Crouch End Record Club.  Run by Michelle, Jim & Tim, the Record Club runs every Sunday afternoon from 1pm til 6pm, downstairs at the Kings Head.  In a lovely cosy venue, mostly known for the comedy nights, it's a vinyl only affair!  Bring your old (or new) records and have free reins of the decks for 20 mins.  No music rules - expect everything from The Housemartins to My Bloody Valentine (and everything inbetween).  If you don't want to play your own records, go along and listen to someone else's, and catch up on the Sunday papers or old music mags at the venue.  Although I can't make it along every weekend, you should all give it a go.  It's a great thing for Crouch End, and a lovely relaxed afternoon/early evening to finish off the weekend.  Please support it - they deserve it!  Crouch End Record Club

Still music-related, our club "Dear Catastrophe Waitress" took place again in February.  After being snowed off in January, we were determined that this one should happen, regardless of any stupid weather conditions!  Along with Darren, our djs this time were Nick Nyro & Samantha Veal.  A packed night, some great tunes, great mojitos and some interesting clientele.  Liam Gallagher & Gem Archer, along with Tamsin Outhwaite & some other local actor type folk were out en force, making it an enjoyable night, which hopefully gained us some new customers who appreciated our musical tastes!  Here's a flyer for our next night.  Who knows who might turn up?

A lovely day was had yesterday, making the most of Crouch End's eating & drinking establishments.  Beginning with a cappuccino in The Railway Tavern and a donated cupcake from a random couple who obviously thought we looked like we needed one, nachos & frozen daiquiri at Monkey Nuts (a place I'd never been but will return to for sure) and then over to the Music Palace (before it's turned into a cinema pretty darn sharpish) for the Red Hot & Rockin' charity rockabilly day.  Such a nice afternoon watching people dance & really enjoy the music.  Not having come from that scene, it was another world to me, but I appreciated the tunes and the effort people had made to dress up (most of them!).  I find the jiving & strolling fascinating, and if I had the room to practice in my flat, I probably would!  I'll include a video here so you can see what I mean! HERE! Finishing off with a cheeky "Indulgence' cocktail at Kiss The Sky (vanilla vodka, cream and god knows what else), our day was done.

Bye for now Frock Fans (or cocktail fans, as I don't think I've mentioned a frock in ages!) x

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