Sunday, 9 June 2013

Roses of the Stone sort...and more

Hello June.  Hello some sort of a Summer!  Not quite warm enough to get overly excited that the attrocious weather has completely left us but nevertheless....

The June events page on Facebook has looked promising and we're now on the countdown to Stockholm Part Deux too.

Last weekend saw an evening out in the rarely visited Islington, for cocktails & tunes. Firstly to the Rattlesnake where I had something that I seem to remember was nice but what it was, I'm not sure, and then to some awful chain place where I had some apple crumble cocktail concoction. Next to the Mucky Pup (no, I'll never find it again guaranteed but it's apparently opposite a school where they filmed the "Another brick in the wall" video) where we listened to friends djaying alsorts of delights from "Vengeance" by New Model Army to"Oh Bondage! Up Yours" by X-Ray Spex.  A nice little pub but strangely quiet for a Saturday night - certainly not due to the music but probably the fact we had a sudden burst of sunshine and people stayed outside while they could.

Sunday saw a quick visit to Soho, to visit one of my best friends who deserted me for the seaside - darn you Lee Thomas!  A cheeky rose' in my lovely French House, followed by a swift mooch round Dean Street Market where we discovered that meringues are popular and taking over from cupcakes!  You'll find out these interesting facts from reading my blogs, I can tell you!

Next up....AMAZING Espresso & Tiramisu Martinis at the Fifty Five Bar in Camden, and then on to the private view of "Set in Stone" - an exhibition of Stone Roses photos by Ian Tilton, at the Proud Gallery.  Nice pics, nice beer, nice venue.  You won't get any in-depth reviews on here kids.

Talking of the said Stone Roses, the world and its' Mother seemed to be at their gigs in Finsbury Park this Friday/Saturday.  Not one for big gigs, toilet queues and very possibly drunk middle-aged men with their shirts off, I stayed at home and listened to the gigs from the comfort of my own living room.  Very strange to hear all the words to lots of the songs being carried on the wind, and to the crowd singing along....but quite nice all the same.  I couldn't, however, say the same when Coldplay played last Summer!

and to today.....lunch in the UpMarket in Brick Lane, followed by the 10th Anniversary Art Car Boot Sale which was absolutely rammed with a capital R!  Peter Blake & Tracey Emin had sold out, probably long before we got there, and Billy Childish was nowhere to be seen, but it was a nice day nevertheless, with nice people, and Pam Hogg with her spectacular hair.  Celebrity points for spotting Richard E Grant & Kevin Rowland (dapper as ever).  I always wonder what the hell we would have talked on about on our tea date.  I will never know or be able to report back to you dear readers. (That's tea with Kevin Rowland by the way, not tea with Richard E Grant).

Ciao for now kids xx

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