Sunday, 23 June 2013

Who are you?

Afternoon Frock Fans!

It's a breezy old day in N8 - sunshine & showers, showers & sunshine, on repeat.  I'm happily full after a veggie roast at The Railway large I couldn't finish it all....and believe me, that's saying something!

I was lucky enough to be given a free ticket to see The Who's Quadrophenia concert at the O2 last Saturday. 

I'd seen The Who twice before (once on the never-forgotten holiday we won to Los Angeles for the Tommy concert, then to see them at the Hollywood Bowl) and at a tiny little venue in Shepherd's Bush (that for the life of me I can't remember the name of) where I went to a fanclub event and they turned up and played two foot away from us.  Amazing!  We headed up the unfortunately named "Entertainment Avenue" first, to Las Iguanas for a meal & cocktails.  "Entertainment Avenue" is basically a huge street of places you wouldn't really want to go to....or at least I probably wouldn't.  I had never been to the O2 before and had no idea it was so close to a certain stop on the Jubilee Line that I'd been to on more than a few occasions.  As easy as it might be to get to, I'm not sure I would choose to go back again in a hurry.  The security at the venue seemed to be a bit slack....our two bag searches would have missed anything of any security risk whatsoever! 

So.....on to the gig.......having free tickets and not knowing the layout of the venue, I had no idea what it would be like.  We walked up and up and up (etc.) into the gods of the high up that we practically got nosebleeds.  I havn't had a problem with heights really for a long time....until that night.  Terror struck and within 5 mins, I nearly had to leave due to vertigo and sheer panic that someone might fall over the edge to their death, with not a single barrier to stop their fall!  I sat rigid in my seat for the whole show, terrified to leave for a drink or to go the toilet...incase I never made it back again!  The Who were without a doubt fantastic, certainly aren't the embarrassment that some bands of their age/ilk are these days, and went down a storm.  I was surprised that they didn't do the obvious Who classics in their set or their encore, and was surprised that they included "You better you bet" which I think was only liked by one person!  Loved the tributes to sadly departed band members, which I'm sure resulted in many a teary eye in the stadium.  Unfortunately the height issue did rather spoil the whole night for me, along with the drunken fat old bald specimens that are everywhere these days!

As I'm actually nearly having a panic attack even writing about the O2, I'll move on.....

Rain did rather dampen spirits at the Sounds so Good session yesterday afternoon.  We trekked to the back end of beyond, to The Stags Head in Haggerston (land of hipsters and men who don't wear socks with their shoes).  Loved the pub - it's proper old school with lovely bar staff and a nice beer garden - but the rain came and went so often, we stayed put indoors most of the time.  As we arrived, so did lots of scooters but they went as quickly as they came.  I'd have liked to have a dance in my lovely new dress from Retrobates Vintage...but I didn't want to have a dance on my own.  A shame.  I'd go again but perhaps when the weather forecast is a bit better!

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