Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lovely Autumn, Lovely London

I survived another birthday!  My boobs appear to be in much the same place as before I hit 47 and I havn't lost my faculties overnight so all is good with the world.

In commiserating said birthday, Mum came up to the smoke to take me out.  My birthday, my choice apparently.  She survived my choice/s like a martyr.  First stop was The Clash Pop Up exhibition in Berwick Street.  The whole of London must surely have checked it out by now.  If not, why not?  Oh it's closed!!  Lunch at the lovely Wahaca in Wardour Street where I forced spicy foods & cactus things on Mum.  I like Wahaca a lot - it's a bit manic in there but the food is great and pretty cheap for central London. 

After lunch, we dropped in at the Carnaby Echoes Exhibition in Fouberts Place.  Lots of lovely pics & interesting films about Soho.  I only saw about half of it I'm sure but I'll return and watch the rest.  Coffee in Bar Italia?  Oh if you must.  Photographers Gallery after a cappuccino break, for the Mass Observation exhibition (which Mum knew all about but I hadn't heard of before), and finishing up in Pattisserie Valerie...for birthday cake you understand.  T'was a lovely day.  Thanks Mum x

Sunday saw the long awaited Modcast/Acid Jazz Rare Mod Boat Party.  Lifejackets & sea legs sorted, we left from Festival Pier at 2pm for a fun-packed day cruising the Thames and back.  This must have been one of the highlights of the year & I'm still laughing about it now - from the slightly choppy river moments to a drink flying out the window, to DC Carver being bothered by everyone (bar me) on that darn boat!  Lovely to see Mr Piller looking so well, and lovely to run into old Blow Up regulars.  We laughed, we danced to some fantastic music, and we planned getting tickets the second they're released, when it's time for the next one in May.  Well done Modcast crew.  A memorable Sunday afternoon.

It appears to have been a busy old time since I last wrote this.  Pah to old age I say!!!!

Back to The Golden Bee on Wednesday for Mr Hallam's belated birthday shindig and the launch of the Countdown book "From Ronnies to Ravers - Personal Situations in London Clubland".  The Golden Bee is always enjoyable.....despite extortionate drinks and a happy hour that finishes at silly o'clock.  Great tunes from Norman Jay & Gary Crowley as ever.  Thanks on this occasion goes to Tim for buying us 2 (yes 2) bottles of champagne on work expenses and hello to Rob who I hadn't seen in 27 years!!!!!

Bear with me Frock Fans....I've nearly finished!!!!  A lovely sunny Saturday yesterday and lunch with a visiting swedish friend at the Mediterranean Cafe' in Berwick Street.  I have no idea why this place isn't constantly packed.  Their lunchtime 3 courses for £9.95 is a great deal and everything I've had there has been delicious (and I've been there a LOT!).  To the French House for a cheeky glass of rose' afterwards.  Now THIS is the real London readers....and this is MY London.  I'll be having none of this silly Oxford Street stuff thank you.  Finishing up the night with a bottle of rose' and a good friend, and now Sunday is here again.

I'll leave it there now as I'm sure you all need to get back to Dog the Bounty Hunter (or something).  I'm now a professional comper so need to get back on the case.  See you in October! xx

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