Monday, 15 September 2014

"Jane Says"....

I'm back Frock Fans!  Quite a few weeks have passed....soz and all that!

Summer has just about been and gone but it's been a pretty good one.

A few weeks back, myself & the lovely Northern lass went to see Jane's Addiction doing the "Nothing's Shocking" album and all the classics, in Brixton.  Perry Farrell, even nearing 60, is still the best front man there has ever been in my opinion....and also quite attractive if truth be known ;)
A great night....lots of memories from my dreadlocked years....and a good time out with Miss Whitwell. 

I cannot believe I'm writing about another August Bank Holiday in Brighton so soon again.  It's just flown by.  Thanks to kindly relatives, I got to stay in a lovely little b&b this year....Coward's Guesthouse in Upper Rock Gardens.  Take note's a fantastic little find and a real bargain.  I will be returning!  As always, the mod weekender is the best opportunity to catch up with people you don't see very often (if ever!), do a bit of mod bothering, a bit of dancing, and a bit of general people-watching.  Controversial but contrary to other reports, I actually do think that there were a lot of horrendously dressed folk this year...more than normal....but hey, what do I know?  I'm hoping that someone will tell me if I look ridiculous.  For example, I have knees like tree trunks.  This is not appropriate for white tights.  Just saying.

Needed to do quite a lot of staying local following the mod rally.  Eating rubbish for 3 days costs a lot you know.  However, yesterday was probably the last day out of Summer....and as it's always one of the best days out of the year, there was no way on earth I was going to miss the second Modcast Boat Party of 2014.  Oh how I love going up and down the Thames on a sunny Sunday afternoon, dancing to Gil Scott-Heron, and returning to the Southbank during a beautiful sunset.  If you're getting sick of London, take a trip down the river, you'll fall in love with it again, guaranteed.  Big love to Laurie, Gumball Milly & Kitty La in particular for making the day fun as always.  No big love to the sex pests or the midget dj who bothered us immensely ;)

Enjoy the last days of Summer kids.  Autumn isn't all bad though....conkers, boots and that.

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