Thursday, 9 October 2014

Big Plans....

Hello October

I'm sitting here in thick cardigan, with the heating on, watching the rain fall and the leaves drop off the trees.  I can nearly see Alexandra Palace.  Must be Autumn.  My thick black tights have replaced the glossy ones....they're like old, welcoming friends who I havn't seen since Spring.

I had a birthday since I last wrote this.  I am old.  That is all.

Not much has been happening socially due to lack of funds & lack of enthusiasm!  I did go to Brighton last weekend though, which was nice.  Lunch for 10 of us at The Fountainhead, warm enough to sit outside for a while, rummaging round Snoopers Paradise, and catching up with folks.  All good....apart from the dentist....which is never good.....or getting water in my shoes, which is also rubbish.

Day off with Laurie on Tuesday on a miraculously dry day.  We went to the Imperial War Museum, which I was SURE was in Greenwich (!!!!) which turned out to be quite fascinating.  It's been re-designed apparently and is huge.  I forced myself to go round the Holocaust floor.  About as intense as intense can be, and we came out with huge headaches.  One of those things that you do have to force yourself to see I think.  Culture was followed by cheap as chips lunch at Maries, a nosey round What the Butler Wore & Radio Days, and a sneaky cocktail in Cubana.  It'd be rude not to.  Thanks for a lovely day Mr Hyde-Smith. news.  A lightning bolt hit me and, after a great deal of number-crunching and planning, I've decided I have to move back to Brighton.  I will miss Crouch End & London hugely but I'm drowning in expenses here and need to do something to regain my financial freedom.  I'll make the move after Xmas and will pray that I can find a new home that's even half as nice as my North London flat.  I'm sure it will be, I've loved all my homes.  Looking forward to a New Year and a new start.  I'll be keeping my London work on....nothing much will change....except my location.

Wish me luck kids....and line up those seaside hugs.

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