Sunday, 30 November 2014

Getting things sorted....

It's a bright, sunny day here in Crouch End and I can see Alexandra Palace through the gaps in the trees.  I'll miss the view but will enjoy the new ones I'll be having from January.

Social life is on hold for the moment pretty much but fear ye not, I will be back in 2015 with tales of pie-based cocktails, ill-fitting shoes, and all that jazz.  I did have a lovely afternoon in Soho yesterday though - lunch with the ladies in my favourite Mediterranean Cafe' and a new experience, Bubble Tea!  As I leave, Soho is changing, Berwick Street is being dug up, Walkers Court (so I've heard) isn't what it used to be, and Madame JoJos has been shut.  What a sad state of affairs.  Sad I missed the "Funeral for Madame JoJos" yesterday.  I'm glad I've been able to experience the real Soho while I've been here.  Listen up Council, Listen up Developers, touch Trishas and I'll be after you....just saying.

One eye on the tv as I write this - once ex-Crouch End resident Matt Willis is on.  He escaped N8 for St Albans.  I think I win on the new home town Matt!

I found a new home in November, in Hove Actually.  So, as it happens, I'm not actually moving to Brighton, I'm moving to Hove.  Much of a muchness.  I got lucky with my new home - a supposedly brilliant landlord who I know will look after the place (& me, should I need it).  I've got a tiny patio space and a tiny utility room.  Not as big as my current place but not as expensive obviously.  Swings & roundabouts.  As I begin to pay £700 a month from January, the new tenants here will be paying double. 

2 flats in Brighton but none before in Hove.  I'm happy with the location - close to the station and, more importantly, close to the trillion charity shops in George Street, which I will be raiding as often as I can no doubt.

To go with the new flat, I have a new friend....a new furry friend, although enemy is probably a better word this morning as I've feared for my life.  New furry friend is a little black & white kitten which I've named Coco (a.k.a Gremlin more often then not).  She's a typical kitten & a right little Jekyll & Hyde character.  For all the reading up I've done on kitten behaviour, I think she's just normal, playful....and quite often dangerous!  Kitten is currently asleep on the sofa, on her blanket, next to me, good as gold....last night was a different matter....lucky to have survived it.  When I say "don't jump on my head", I mean it GREMLIN!

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