Sunday, 2 November 2014

Turning my Heartbeat Up....

Obviously those of you in the know will realise from the title of this week's blog that I went to see the LONG LONG LONG-AWAITED "Northern Soul" at the Arthouse Cinema last weekend.  Well worth the wait as it was blinking marvellous!  Made by someone who actually knows about the scene they're talking about and who spent many a moon getting it just right for the big screen has made one hell of a difference.  As far as I know, the film has sold out pretty much every screening on small screen cinema around the country and more than deserves it.  Great soundtrack, great acting.  I don't really have a bad word to say about it.  What Quadrophenia did for mod all those years ago, Northern Soul has done for...umm, Northern Soul.  Just praying it doesn't mean a badly researched range for M&S or "Keep the Faith" t-shirts in Primark. 

Crouch End was lucky enough to get a Q&A session with the two main male actors after the screening.  I say lucky enough as my friends in Brum got someone's cousin I think!  Was so pleased to hear that they actors have actually really become interested in Northern Soul and still go dancing!  It'd be a shame to waste all Keb Darge's teaching after all!  Lovely boys who will no doubt go far!

Back to Brighton on Tuesday for an almost summery day with a boy in a suit.  Lunch at Las Iguanas (We might have had two cocktails), AMAZING gelato at Gelato Gusto (pear & parmesan and black truffle).  NO to Black Truffle though!  Too weird even for weird old me.  Victorian Penny Arcade fun (if only all the machines worked) and more fun coin pushing like children in the 'musements.  I can see how people get addicted to gambling - very hard to drag ourselves away from the 2p machines! Final cocktail in Twisted Lemon.....Banoffee Pie Martini you say?  Oh go on then.  As always L, thanks for a fun day.  A photo for you:

As my whole life appears to be revolved around eating & drinking, I wouldn't want to let the side down so yesterday was a few hours spent in the company of the lovely Brum ladies & Ali (who is also lovely I should add!!!).  Lunch in Chipotle (top points for you Miss Kitty La for suggesting this), ice-cream (again) and a cheeky Smirnoff Ice in The Gay Hussar.  Most hilarious observation of the day - ham in a cone.  Nope?  Me Neither.  "My ham in a cone brings all the boys to the yard".  Thanks for a lovely day ladies.

One final blog mention as it's important.  30 October saw 6 years since my friend Jonnah took her own life.  I'd just left Stockholm and it's in my diary - so I never forget.  Her family & friends remember every day though I'm sure.  We'll make sure none of us ever forget Jonnah!

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