Tuesday, 5 July 2011

South of the River....

It's not often I head south of Soho - not because I dislike South London nor because I think I'm going to get the vapours - more that so much goes on elsewhere.  I havn't really spent a lot of time down that way since I worked for LWT on the Southbank, in my 17th floor office that overlooked the Thames, and, more recently, during a few weeks of illicit liaisons in Sarf-East London.  This weekend however, I ventured back, with a friend in tow.

First stop was the Tommy Nutter exhibition at the Fashion & Textiles Museum in Bermondsey Street.  The museum had somehow passed me previously but I'll be back as they seem to have a lot of great exhibitions on.  I particularly liked the cutting room set-up and the little order book, as well as obviously some fantastic suits.  I liked what I saw of the back streets of London Bridge & Bermondsey - obviously an area under regeneration.  It had a nice feel about it.  We walked past the new Shard building, which is huge, and nearly gave me a nose-bleed just thinking about working on one of the highest floors.

We spent the rest of the day on the Southbank, near my old office, bringing back memories of many an hour spent in the Studio Bar, sniggering over the likes of Westlife, and getting over-excited over Paul Weller.  *Sigh* - those were the days.  We had a great time on the Southbank and, if we'd had passed on the raspberry beer and a polish sausage lunch, we could have done it all for free.  We loved the individually themed beach huts, the "beach" and the brilliant water feature which, if I were a big kid, would have jumped right into the middle of given half a chance.  We went round the Festival of Britain exhibition, played on the old typewriters, took photos of the 1950s house and finished up by doing a bit of unexpected C list celebrity spotting.

I'm a convert - South London rocks!

Back to Soho last night though and back to our favourite Monday activity - Soho Society Film Club.  Last night's offering was "The Girl Can't Help It" which was obviously a popular choice as it was a sell-out.  We ventured up to the roof terrace bar for the after-show party, with Gaz Mayall on the decks, drank cocktails and played "WHO is that person that I recognise?".  The Film Club manages to pull together such a wide range of people - from authors & actors to A list celebs (in my book) and us.  Long may it continue without being ruined by everyone and their dog catching on.

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