Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Friends & Me - For Dawn

The said heatwave actually only lasted about 2 days but even in such a short amount of time, I've managed to burn myself to a frazzle AGAIN.  You'd think I'd learn after all these years.

One of my best & oldest (not as in age but as in having known her) friends came to visit from NY for a few days this weekend.  When we met in the 90s, we were part of a huge group of people who came together via the britpop scene in London.  We had our in jokes and laughed til we cried on regular occasions.  (Note to those friends - remember the "he's got a pulse" incident?).  Sadly, we all grew up and went our separate ways at the end of the 90s.  Those important people in our lives stayed in touch, thanks to Facebook and determination, and even though we don't all get together very often, when we do, it's like we only saw each other yesterday. 

We ventured to my new favourite place, The Railway Tavern, twice this weekend.  It's obviously Jimi Mistry's favourite place too and he seems to be there a lot.  I was, however, more excited about seeing OB from Hollyoaks...for pure comedy reasons.  Fantastic to see friends from Brighton who have just moved down the road from me and who are loving their new London lives so far.

It was CBML's 1st birthday this Saturday.  Well done Jet!  I feel strangely odd if I don't make it to the market when it's on every month as there is always something to look at and always something to buy!  The hat that I've been eyeing up for the past 3 months has been reduced from £30 to £18!  I'm hoping that by the next market, it'll be a tenner and I'll swipe it up!  Dawn purchased a gorgeous pair of red 60s shoes.  I'm always sad that I don't have normal size 5 feet so miss out on so many lovely things.

We went dancing on Saturday night!  To Hip City, at it's new, much improved venue.  The club is as close as it possibly can be to my all-time favourite mod club, Sneakers.  I started to go there when I was 18 or so and it made a huge impression on me.  Sundays meant, more often than not, driving up to London from Swindon, getting changed in a restaurant en route, and dancing at The Bush Hotel for a few hours, before driving back to Wiltshire in time for work the next day. 

Other things of note this weekend.......a gorgeous meal in Thaitanic, the Crescent Road plastic bat returning, and a planned picnic on Primrose Hill that resulted in us eating our sandwiches on the bus before even getting there!

See you soon Miss C x

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