Sunday, 30 October 2011

For Jonnah.....

My blog posts are usually about is a bit different.

3 years ago today, my friend Jonnah took her own life so this is for her.

I hadn't known Jonnah long.  I was living in Stockholm, running a weekly club called "Another Sunny
Day" in a godforsaken turkish restaurant on a Monday night.  Jonnah came to nearly every club night.
I noticed her straight away as she was a little 60s girl who wore the best outfits!  Before I knew her name, I called her the "lovely lady with the lovely dresses" in my Facebook album.  I got to know her & her boyfriend Charley from that club....they kept me company on the door and their lovely little indiepop band "The Mare" played for me.  I remember that night particularly as one of the band members had to leave the club before they even played as his girlfriend went into labour.  Priorities and all that!

I moved back to Brighton and kept in touch with Jonnah via email.  We'd talked about them coming
to the Brighton mod rally the following August and she was already excited about it.  Then, one day,
I suddenly realised that I hadn't heard from her in a little while and checked her Facebook page.  That's when I discovered something awful had happened.....I didn't understand all the updates as they were in finnish and swedish but I did understand the one word that scared the hell out of me and made me mail someone to find out.

I had no idea Jonnah had idea that she would do what she did.  Every time I saw her, she was happy & laughing & dancing.....and thankfully, that's how I'll remember her.  Sometimes I guess you don't know everything about everybody. 

So Jonnah, this blog post is for you.  I won't forget you & your dresses.....I hope you're at peace now.

To Charley (if you read this) - I hope this doesn't upset you x


  1. Hi Cath,
    I found your blog accidentaly. I'm the girl (or the elbow) to the right in that picture, Jonnah was my best friend. I'm glad that the memory of Jonnah still lives on! We miss her every day.

  2. Hi Sara
    Thanks for reading. I promised Charley I wouldn't forget....and I won't. Remember happy times xx

  3. Hi Cath !
    I am Jonnah`s dad. After her tragic dead your name emerged for several times. I´ve noticed that you always remember 30. october and I am thankful for that. It is comforting in some way to realize that her memory lives on through your comments. They have been important pieces in my life afterwards. I wish you all the best ! I still miss Jonnah so much.

    1. I'm so happy you saw this Folke and I'm happy I had Jonnah's friendship in Stockholm for the time I did. I promise we won't forget her...or her lovely dresses :)