Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Happy New Year folks.  Hope you had the loveliest of New Year's Eves, whatever you were doing.

Here's my review of 2011, in list form!

Favourite places to eat/drink
Zen Sai
Scandinavian Kitchen
Bar Italia
French House
Mediterranean Cafe'
 Nyborgs Cafe'
Maison Bertaux

Funny days/nights out
Peter Quaife book launch/Kinks night at The Clissold - great Kinks singalong round a bontempi organ!

Impromptu attendance at the Pretty Green opening in Covent Garden - more champagne than I've seen in my life & jumping the queue thanks to Mr Lewis!

Ready Steady Go night at Meltdown - strange night all round!

Soho Festival (which should also fall under my category 'Great things in 2011'!) - Adam Ant, transvestites, a funny vegetable competition and tug of war.

Great things in 2011
Discovering the Soho Society Film Club (and, more recently, shop) - tons of good Mondays and exhibitions at the shop - thanks Mr & Mrs Pereno!

The Royal Wedding - prosecco in an East End pub, lots of happy, smiley faces.

Adam Ant - Phoenix Cinema & Troxy.

The disco balcony at Vintage on the Southbank, overlooking the Thames, drinking Pimms & Lemonade.

Finding a new friend who understands my sense of humour and dislikes ukeleles.  Love to you Claudia!

There will be a trillion things I've forgotten and hence have been left out of this but overall, 2011 in London was fun.  I went out a'plenty, met some new friends, left a job, went freelance and generally had a nice one thank you very much.

2012 will hopefully see lots of new work/clients for me and visits to my beloved Stockholm.  Jag saknar dig!

Bring it on!

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