Sunday, 15 January 2012

Slimfast & Me

I don't usually do the New Year Resolution thing - mainly because I either forget I've made a resolution or totally fail on that front within 2 days of making it.  I am, however, on a diet for the New Year.  Predictable I know but needs must and all that.

Slimfast has become my best friend for January.  You know the score - a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a proper meal in the evening.  (I could repeat those adverts word for word I'm sure).  I'm finding it easy so far and it does actually work.  I'm planning my meals, sticking to the plan during the week and eating/drinking as normal at the weekends.  It must be working as I've lost 6lb in 2 weeks - that can't be bad can it?  I've also started cooking all my meals from scratch...yes, I know...not like me at all! this space.  I will be celebrating my 2 stone weight loss on here....or calling it a day and eating pies on a daily basis again.

In other news.....

Just after the New Year we ventured out to Bar Solo in Camden where a friend was having a few birthday drinks.  When we FINALLY got served, I'm happy to report that the cocktails are well worth it.  My new favourite - Espresso Martini. 

In an attempt to make some money rather than spend it, I hired myself a table at the Wills Moody Jumble Sale last weekend.  Now at The Lexington, it's a real mix of vintage, bric a brac etc. and I love it.  Lots of interesting folk and £51 made in 3 hours....not a bad day's work.  I will be back to sell more of my vintage tat hopefully soon.

Lunch in the famous Banners yesterday (frequented by Bob Dylan apparently), followed by another friends' birthday last night and a trip to a proper South London boozer, hidden away in what can only be described as Jack the Ripper land.......a lovely little place called The Lord Clyde.

And bringing us up-to-date and in celebration of sticking to my diet, my treat today was cake and coffee at The Haberdashery and a cocktail at what could be a new favourite hang-out of mine, The Ramblin' Rose.

Now....back to my Slimfast.

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