Sunday, 29 January 2012

January japes.....

After a slow start, the 2012 social diary is starting to fill up again.  Thank goodness for that.  We don't want too many nights in eating prawn balls on the sofa do we?

The Slimfast diet continues, slowly but surely, but the eating of cake & drinking of cocktails at any opportunity also continues.  This might be the problem!

I went to see The Artist last weekend.  I could have loved it or hated it.  I loved it.  The dog is the star however, and should be given the doggy equivalent of an Oscar....perhaps in the shape of a bone or something.  We watched the film in the lovely surroundings of the 100+ years old Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley.  Much nicer than your local Odeon, with more comfortable chairs!

Thursdays seem to be "private view" night as far as the galleries in East London go and this Thursday we managed to fit two in - The Strange Face Project at the Idea Generation (introducing the general public to Nick Drake's music) and We are all Prostitutes at Signal Gallery (a collection of paintings by Guy Denning & Frank E Rannou).  We do like a good opening - interesting folk and free drinks.

Continuing with exhibitions, yesterday I went on a magical mystery tour of Pimlico to see Lloyd Johnson: The Modern Outfitter at the Chelsea Space.  Although hellish to find, there were lots of interesting bits & pieces on show.  I particularly liked the old issues of The Face etc. and clippings about Kensington Market.  I'd forgotten all about Sweet Charity & the white boots I bought there as a very young mod.

And bringing this up-to-date, today I headed to Brick Lane, initially to see an exhibition as part of the jewish festival.  Disappointed that RichMix omitted to inform anyone that the exhibition had been cancelled but had a nice afternoon regardless.  I deliberately avoided all the vintage stalls/shops but have made a mental note to return to lots very soon!  I think if I wasn't so in love with Crouch End, Shoreditch could be an interesting area to live in...but I am so I won't!

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