Sunday, 12 February 2012

Crouch End days, Soho nights

More snow this week meant the wearing of ugly boots out in public.  Please note the word 'ugly' not Ugg...that would be a step too far for me.  I'm very much looking forward to Spring when I will be surgically removed from my cheap fur coat and Gran-style hat.  My macs are feeling all forgotten in the back of my wardrobe.

I've realised that my blog is probably of no interest whatsoever to anyone but myself but it takes the place of a diary that I wrote for years, and is a written reminder of all the things I do these days.

Film Club continues and a packed house on Monday for a night celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Windmill Theatre.  Lots of the original Windmill Girls were in attendance and it was very sweet to see them altogether, for probably what was the first time in decades for some of them.  For ladies, some of which were in their late 70s/80s, they're looking good for their age!  I think if any more red wine had been consumed, we may have been treated to a spur of the moment tableaux performance.  ("If you moved, it's rude"). 

This week has been a good week as far as charity shop purchases go - a "Junior Miss Nylon" M&S flowery dress that fits perfectly from Crouch End, and an animal print cardigan from Muswell Hill.  I feel twitchy if I don't do the charity shop rounds regularly but am cheap these days and put more back than I buy.  It would of course been rude not to have a danish bacon roll in our favourite cafe' in Muswell Hill yesterday, Nyborgs.  I realised yesterday they have a bookcase full of lovely books that you can take home for free, if you leave a book in it's place. I've made a mental note of this and will be picking up the "Swedish cakes & cookies" book next time I visit.

A night out in Soho last night which took in many bars along the way, finishing up in Camden.  First stop, The Sun & 13 Cantons in Beak Street for a book reading from "The Great Rolling Stones Drug Bust" (& a complementary Jack Daniels cocktail - thank you Babette & Robert!), The Star Bar next for a Baileys latte (as you do), Phoenix Theatre Bar for old time's sake - members only after 8pm darlink but the extremely posh doorman liked our coats obviously (plus it was half empty).  Half the bar was reserved for the cast of Jersey Boys and we had Frankie Valli as a soundtrack.  Could be worse - could have been reserved for the cast of Glee (or something).  Coach & Horses (another old haunt) where a full blown piano singalong was going on....and finally (phew!) Mind Yuh Business at Bar Solo which was a fairly enjoyable experience and I even had a dance.  It's very rare to do so much on a Saturday night these days but it's good once in a while.  Thanks to our guide for the night - Little Paul.

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